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New pumping scheme after forced deconditioning break

New pumping scheme after forced deconditioning break

Hi again everyone - It’s been a little while since I’ve been here or been able to PE. The combination of a broken pump (now replaced, thanks to the awesomeness of LAPDist) and room sharing on business trips has left me deconditioned a bit. So I’m reevaluating my PE techniques and would greatly appreciate some feedback. Here is what I’m thinking..

10min warm rice sock wrap.
Manual Stretches (down, stright out, 45 degrees up, down towards the left thigh, down towards the right thigh, V and A stretches, each in 3 places on the penis)

Now.. I plan to Jelq and Pump as well. I’m wondering if I should jelq first like this..

100 wet jelqs
6-8 minutes in the pump, 3-5mm hg
100 wet jelqs
Another 6-8 min in the pump, 3-5mm hg
Finish off with some jelqs, manual clamp and massag


10 minutes in the pump, 3-5mmhg
100 Wet Jelq
10 minutes in pump 3-5mm hg
Finish off with a few minutes of jelq/squeeze/massage

I’m going for length and girth, both. Also, since having deconditioned I know I’ve been bruising a lot more so I will probably cut the above regimen in half for a week or two. Should I not bruise AT ALL when I pump? Even on 3mm/hg this is difficult to avoid as I’m taking a fair contingent of blood-thinning suppliments (fish oil etc).

Any suggestions for a guy to get back into the game?

Welcome back!

Since you are no stranger to pumping and PE, program # 1 sounds better to me if that doesn’t cause you any problems. If it does, just cut back on the jelks to 50 strokes each set, adding 5 or so each day per set, and see how that goes.

Not many guys complain of bruising at 3 - 5 HG unless the duration of their pump set is very long. Could be the blood thinners; do you take aspirin also?



Thanks Avocet - I don’t take asperin, and I’m a young guy. However, I’m of abnormal health (nothing blood pressure related though), so that may have some effect, though I can’t think of one. Since I restarted today with program 2, I have some fairly severe brusing (the large and purple kind) that I havn’t had before the break. It isn’t even the little red dots and some darkening - however, it only seems to happen on the underside of the penis, particularly on the right. I’m thinking this is actually a skin stretching issue perhaps? When I pump, should I sort of bone press the cylinder down before increasing the pressure? Or should I just sort of set it lightly down against the pubic area instead?

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