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Im forced to take a break, but ive had unbelievable gains

Im forced to take a break, but ive had unbelievable gains

Basically my question is, if you take a short break of like 2 weeks, do you lose gains? Ive heard of people taking breaks on purpose but never really payed attention to what the benefits of this are. Before going into hanging i was a doubter.. but now that ive gained about an inch in size, non bone pressed.. i definitely believe. My captain’s wench broke though when i was hanging maybe a week ago… so now im forced to stop until i get the part that broke back.

It depends. How long have you been hanging? What gains have you cemented?

For me, once a length has been thoroughly “cemented” I haven’t lost anything. New gains can be lost if they haven’t had enough time to set.

The purpose of deliberately taking time off is to allow the tissues to weaken. After a break they will respond better to a lesser stimulus. Until you are at a point where you have gained and then stalled, don’t take a long period off for deconditioning.

Something else worth mentioning here is that short breaks after (relatively) intense PE seem to allow the tissues time to adapt to the stresses previously imposed. I had a good semi-fatigued state going, then had to take an unplanned 4 day break. My tissues recovered during that time, and it has taken several days with even heavier weight to get back to that state.

IMO, the goal with hanging is to use the least weight necessary in the time you have available to attain and then maintain some degree of fatigue. Take as few days off as possible.

HI Renegade …

I was wondering what was your routine and for how long have you been hanging and with hoow many punds ?

thank you…


I wish I could tell you. All i can say is that I put my wench on and then since I dont have any weights I hang a box of “cheers” washing detergent from my penis. I lean back and basically just hang as much that I can handle and doesnt hurt. I used to hang every day, two 20minute sessions, first 10 minutes with rice sock.. last 10 without.

What are your gains?

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