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New pumper questions

New pumper questions


Just got a pump from ebay (a good one!) and am gonna start pumping tonight.

1. How should my cock look in the tube? Bigger? Smaller? Thicker?

2. How should my cock “feel” in the tube? Does it feel like a “natural” hardon?

3. What sort of gains are realistic after say 3 months?

4. Is there a specific “way” to pump for girth more than length?

5. Can pumping have negative impacts upon erection quality/frequency?

I have read through the pumper forum, but to get the answer condensed and in one place would be ideal!

Thanks in advance to the forum

1 Nobody can really answer this question.
2 Maybe a little stiffer than a regular hard on. But really depends on what pressure you pump at but you should only start out at about 2 or 3 HG to start with.
3 Do not expect too much gain in three months. Although I have gained about 1 1/2 inches in three months of pumping do not expect to get that much to start with.
4 I usually pump anywhere from 20 - 30 seconds of pumping before releasing the vacuum for girth and then pump up again I would do this for about 10 minutes to start with and slowly build up to 20 minutes then slowly build up to 30 minutes. I wouldn’t pump for girth until I pumped for at leased 2 or 3 months.

To pump for length you need to leave to vacuum pressure on longer than 20 - 30 seconds. Try starting out at about 3 minutes before releasing the vacuum pressure. Then slowly build up to about 5 minutes without releasing the vacuum. But remember that if you pump long durations without releasing the vacuum that you should not pump over 2 - 3 HG because pumping long durations can cause you to bruise you penis.
5 unless you try to over do it your penis should get harder easier and should make sex better.

Started 6.5 got up to 8 by pumping alone.

Love giving girls squirting orgasms by G-Spot Stimulation and or Clitoral Stimulation.

That is the bottom line because Stone Cold says so.


The first post in this thread should answer all of your questions.



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