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Questions for Veteran Pumper

Questions for Veteran Pumper

I wanted to know if a cock pump will actually give you permanent length and width gains. And if they do, are they an inexpensive (under $50) pumps that will do it? Any advice you have would be great.


If there is a comercial pump that lasts with a cylinder you can buy to fit your own dimensions, I don’t know of it.

But, there are threads here about building your own in that price range. Check those out. For a good commercial unit, expect to pay about $125. or a little more.



I was skeptical at first also but the most important thing is buy a good pump it is worth the money and pump safe and disciplined you will see gains for sure. I have bought the high end adult toy pumps and they are a piece of crap. I would recommend pumps, a bit pricey but I liked the quality. From what I can tell has similar quality and is cheaper also.

Not only will you get gains if you do it right but pumping is very enjoyable and feels good too. You will see immediate temporary results which is always good for motivation and like weight lifting eventually you will cement those temporary gains to permanent.

one more thing i forgot to add,

i believe diet is very important while doing PE
you should restrict all alcohol consumption to a minimum or zero and reduce your caffenine intake as much as possible. I have had much better results since I started make my lifestyle a healthier one.


Those are probably sensible dietary suggestions, however I have never found alcohol or caffeine to inhibit penis size gains. Either in excess will have negative effects on basic erectile fuction, though.



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