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Need experts advice on tubing size.

Need experts advice on tubing size.

Hey Everyone,

I ordered a pump set from LAPDist about two months ago. So far I liked how their products have performed. However, due to my inexperience I think that I have to buy a new tube (arghh). The current tube I have now is 1.5 x 9. When I pump the head of my penis completely touches the sides of the tube and the shaft barely rubs the side of the tube. From the looks of it, the pressure is being placed on the head and not on the rest of the penis since the head blocks off suction from the rest of the shaft. Also I know this because my head gets tiny read spots after a two weeks of pumping @5hg for 10min.

I want to buy a new tube but definitely want to buy the right one this time. I measured the width of the head of my penis (by far the widest part of my penis) and it came to exactly 1.75 inches. Looking at the sizing chart on LAPdist’s website they recommend that I get the 1.75 x 9 tube. But I doubt this will be good because I the head of my penis will be touching the sides of this tube and thus preventing the pressure to work on the shaft. I thinking about getting 2 x 9 tube but want input from the experienced pumper’s in this forum.

The exact dimensions of my penis head is 1.75 inches in width by 1.5 inches vertical ( it is not perfectly round).

P.S. does anyone know where to get cheaper tubes as opposed to paying $70.00 at LAPdist?

Thanks very much,

I would go for the 2x9 as you had already figured but you may want to get a 2x10 if your current length is at least 7 now. Buy the diameter in increments of 1/4 for future reference, However you may achieve all the girth you need with the 2x9 otherwise your next tube purchase will be 2.25x9 or 2.25x10

LAPdist has excellent quality tubes so I would choose quality over price but thats just me. Its worth it in the long run in terms of not having to buy another tube because the tube you have is crap.
If you have to buy another tube because you outgrew the one you have—thats a good problem to deal with. :)

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What are your exact dimensions, if I may ask?

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