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My first real cylinder

My first real cylinder

I just received my new cylinder today, and what a difference in comfort over the home-brew cylinders I have made.

I tried her out for 3x10 min. at 5”HG. I am just amazed at what a difference a quality cylinder makes. So if you have the money available I would highly recommend buying one.

I have been pumping for approximately a year with home-brew cylinders, gravel tube, heavy plastic jars and such. This post isn’t really about much, just had to let you all know.

********** I dont make my dick grow, I give it the stimulus, then ask it to. What dont kill ya, only makes ya stronger

It’s all about comfort, isn’t it? :)



Screw comfort. Give me results. :D

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

What size and brand did you go with? I have a Dr. Joel’s and a homemade one and I use them about equally. Although I did have the factory made one first, and I had Thunder’s to use as a resource to research it before I made one.

After looking around, I decided on a cylinder from I bought a 2x9, which i pack the first inch of on the second set.

It was a toss up between LADist and pumptoys, I just liked the fact of the laser engraved ruler on the cylinder.

Service was good, ordered yesterday morning and recieved it today. I had to use the express shipping
because it was a one shot deal of receiving it when no one else was home.

I already had a mity vac, just had to order the male connector.

And I can’t say the Home-brews are no good, because I have gotten some gains over the last year. The only thing I didnt like was the bite.

********** I dont make my dick grow, I give it the stimulus, then ask it to. What dont kill ya, only makes ya stronger

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