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Buying a cylinder

Buying a cylinder

I have been pumping with a 2” thickwall cylinder but only pack it about 2 inches up.

I am mostly concerned with gaining length so thought I would try pumping with a 1.75” cylinder. At the moment my mid shaft girth is 5 3/8”.

The company I bought the 2” cylinder off does not sell any smaller ones and I cannot find a UK company selling a 1.75” thickwall tube so I was thinking of buying one from a US company.

Can anyone please recommend a company that sells thickwall cylinders?

It would need to be able to fit my connector. I will try to attach some pics.

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Looks like the LA cylinders will fit your male connector, but you can save money if you are just patient and wait until you pack the 2.0 tube. It’s not like you are not getting any force applied in the length direction, just because you are not packed.

You will pack a 1.75 tube almost instantly, but then you have to be careful of developing water blisters on the head of your penis as a result of all the vacuum being concentrated there for extended periods of time. If you go this route, just be careful that once packed, you don’t use too much pressure or stay too long.

tps thanks for your help and for posting that pic, it looks like the same pump fitting to me which is great.

I have looked on lapdist and nwpumpworks.
The lapdist cylinder looks more comfortable to use where it rests on the pubic area than the nwpumpworks cylinder.

The 2” cylinder I have is a little uncomfortable for me to use as it digs in, it is 3/8” thick and has no flange or flare.

gprent, I had planned on staying with the 2” tube but I have not gained any length in a total of 10 weeks pumping at 4-7hg, 3x8 minute sets. I understood a tighter fit would be more beneficial to gaining length?

I also feel that the couple of inches that I am packing in the 2” cylinder is maybe due to skin being pulled in, again I am not sure of this it is just a feeling I have.

If I do order the 1.75” cylinder I plan on staying between 4 and 5.5 hg.
Thanks for the warning of developing water blisters, I had not realised that would be more likely with a tighter fit.

Editing post to add that my e-mail to lapdist has bounced. Does anyone please have an alternative contact e-mail address for them?

You can try their email address. Their phone number is 310-289-7199. When I ordered my second tube, I had to call them because they had web trouble and they gave me $10 off for my hassle.

The flange at the bottom of the tube is great. I put the tube on while sitting, kicked it with my foot as I got up, jammed it into my groin and it didn’t even interrupt my set.

The highest quality tube is Boston Pump Works. They run about $130 at the local sex shops. I have tried many diameter tubes, with both a Boston Pump (the rubber gaskets eventually wore out) and then with a Craftsman bleed pump (aka mightyvac, but very high quality, for about $30 at Sears) and 5-10 inches pressure, starting in about 1995, and I can say with authority that pumping does not produce permanent gains. Not that anybody asked.

Originally Posted by dualrectifier

I can say with authority that pumping does not produce permanent gains. Not that anybody asked.

Hey dualrectifier, welcome to the posting side of the forum :) There are several members here that have gained fairly well with pumping, but I’m pretty certain that pumping was not their only exercise. I’d say that pumping is a complimentary exercise to the manual ones. Please feel free to share your experiences with us anytime.

tps, thanks that e-mail address worked and they have replied already.
Before I order do you think the 9” or 10” length would be best? I am only 7” erect so was thinking the 9” would be better.
They are both the same price, $100 including shipping. Only about $15 more than if I could but it in the UK.

I see you have changed your avatar, was is a photo of your back?

Thanks for your opinions dualrectifier. I do already have a mityvac pump.

Bluenun, as far as cylinder sizing, I think gprent101 is Thunder’s resident expert on that. I am about half an inch shorter than you and I use the 9” tube. There is plenty of room for growth so I’d guess you’d be fine. Pictures of which can be seen here.

Yes, I changed my avatar. The old one was a picture of Bill Murray from the movie Caddyshack where he is suggestively cleaning his golf ball in a golf ball washer. The new one is Gollum of course from Lord of the Rings. Ain’t he pretty? LOL

tps, thanks for your help. Good pics too.

Yes Gollum is pretty :)

I must check back daily to see your new avatar :)

Thanks, TPS. My suspicion that if anything works, it’s on this site. I have begun manual stretching, and I made a captain’s wench, but haven’t had a chance to hang yet. From what I have learned from pumping, it seems it may help some other technique along, rather than create its own results. As to the cylinder size question, length isn’t as important as diameter. You should pick a diameter that will have you packing the cylinder after a few minutes of pumping at about 5-8” hg. For length, anyway, is how the theory goes. Tiger’s site has all the info you will ever need on pumping. And he agrees with me that pumping alone will not produce permanent gains.

Don’t forget there may be customs and VAT added to the bill,

Also the carriers have a nasty habit of upping the VAT. I believe thay can do this on commercial imports, but ordinary public purchases should be 17½%. On my last thing purchased they had charged 35% VAT. They also have a nasty habit of charging extra carriage. so watch out for that as well. I’ve had UPS and DHL try it on.

Mind you it depends perhaps on how they label it on the customs declaration whether you would want to question anything. But they’ve seen it all before.


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