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Made My Pump Today!!

If anyone is still reading this thread…here is my solution for the gravel tube discomfort. Take a small sheet of plastic, or waterproof cardboard, big enough to fit under the tube opening. Cover it with a very light coating of Vaseline, and set it on a stable, level table top where it can be undisturbed for a couple hours. Now take the tube and set it, open end down on the plastic (the end you want to pad). Get a tube of silicon gel, and build up a rim of gel around the base. I made my rim about 1/4 wide, and about that high up onto the tube. If you do it right you will get a very comfortable, flexible and waterproof silicon ring at the base. Because the end that contacts the skin at the base of the penis is formed against the plastic sheet, it is perfectly flat and works great. The light Vaseline coating allows you to easily remove it from the sheet once it is “set”. I did this after several unsuccessful tries with electrical tape. It works great and is very comfortable.



Just checked back on this.

For a comfortable seal….I suggest flaring out the tube, I heated mine over a flame (gas stove) for a few (15) seconds and bent it out with a screwdriver. Just play around with, you can’t really mess it up too bad.

Someone else, recently suggested silicon for a comfortable, soft, seal. In my head I”m seeing the clear stuff you would put around windows or seal up speaker boxes with. That is a most excellent idea, as I used the vinyl dip but it’s not exactly soft without building up many many layers.

Bump for the newbies who want a nice pump and comfortable solution for the base.

whoa that was spooky………within minutes we both bumped the same year old thread, about the same thing….and I made references to your idea….

Just made my own and used it

I got my gravel vacuum tube and mightyvac pump with gauge. I used electrical lay (many layers)
to govern the end so it wouldn’t cut into me.

I jelqed and edged for a few minutes (I love Albolene!), then inserted my erect penis into
the tube and pumped to 5”Hg. Then I did 2 10-minute sets milking (moving the cylinder
up and down to vary pressure) the whole time. It felt great and I had fun edging afterwards
for a while. Then I put on a leather cock ring and it still feels great down there.

Thanks for all the tips on building your own. I can’t see the point in paying hundreds of dollars
for something you can make yourself.


Very easy do it yourself setup. Don’t be afraid to give it a try before dropping over a hundred dollars. However, does anyone know of any cheap substitute cylinders that hat have a larger than 2” diameter. I have pump, but the 2” cylinder is too tight. 3” would be ideal. All the gravel vacuums seem to be at that two inch maximum.

Originally Posted by skeets
Very easy do it yourself setup. Don’t be afraid to give it a try before dropping over a hundred dollars. However, does anyone know of any cheap substitute cylinders that hat have a larger than 2” diameter. I have pump, but the 2” cylinder is too tight. 3” would be ideal. All the gravel vacuums seem to be at that two inch maximum.

I’ve been using the 2” cylinder from the pet store for a week, and it
gives me little room to expand, so I purchased an 2.25” cylinder (found
a good price out there on the Net, not sure if it’s ok to post the source
here, mods let me know). My rig with the hose and pump should
connect to it just fine. I expect to get it tomorrow and will try it out.

Anyone who is interested is having a clearance on some cylinders. :_pump: :xtop:

I see the the rough edge on the clyinder seems to be a huge problem. I just made my clyinder and tried it for the first time tonight and the tube hurt with nothing on it. Im going to look into some of these solutions and try to see if I can find anything better. I’ll keep you guys posted when I succeed.

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Whats the cheapest cylinder I can get? I need one that is 2” diameter? .. I don’t want to pay 60 bucks for just a cyclinder.. Someone mentioned in a petstore? The gravel vacuum?. What sizes are they? Are there any other alternatives? I live in NY .. And I already have the handpump ready to hook up.

Can someone post some links to websites for these pumps?, I can’t find the proquatic one, looks like they don’t sell them anymore or something. Not sure

Gravel siphon pumps - bad news, good news

Gravel siphon pumps - bad news, good news. Prelude: Well, PetSmart was out of 2” x 10” gravel siphons, so I bought the 2” x 18” version. I wrapped some electrical tape around one end, as a cushion / seal and hooked it up to my MityVac and it worked fine, although the electrical tape didn’t provide much of a cushion and the tube dug into my fat pad. But, it was bearable.

Now the bad news: After a few sessions, I decided to add heat by wrapping a heating pad over it. Everything felt great, until I began losing vacuum - so I give the pump a few squeezes and am still losing pressure. WTF?? So I took off the heating pad to get a good look, and the siphon tube has gone soft with a big kink in the middle. My poor homemade pump! Well, I reheated it and got it somewhat back to it’s original cylindrical shape, but I no longer trust it.

Good News: Bought a new 2” x 10” gravel siphon from PetSmart and made a great seal, ala J. Meister’s liquid vinyl dip suggestion. This was so easy, sort of like dipping candles. I just opened the can of vinyl dip and then dipped about 1” of the end of the siphon in and hung it to dry, repeating this every 30 minutes of so, till I had done about 5 or 6 dips. This resulted in a nice soft bottom seal, about 1/4” thick and tapering up the sides. I let it dry overnight and tried it out this morning. Man, it was comfortable. Put on “Great Bit Tits” porn DVD and pumped for two 20 minute sessions at 5” Hg. What a fantastic feeling! My shaft didn’t expand much, by my head (glans) filled the tube by the end of the second session. I measured my shaft length and it was 7” in the tube, which is a little less than I get when I use a ruler, but is probably more accurate.

So, no more heating pads for this model. Next on my agenda is wet pumping with warm water. And for Christmas, since I’ve been both naughty and nice, I’d love to get a whole unit cylinder, something like PumpToys Long Johnny.

I’ve enjoyed reading the posts on the Pumper’s Forum. Thanks guys! MC

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got."

I’ve tried looking for the ProQuatics Deluxe Grave Vacuum online at both and and none of them show anything, I also tried ebay, and nothing came up. Is there a different name for it or something?

I’m still looking online and can’t find anything, I looked at both pet store and there not one mention of cylinders, what the hell, can someone help me out here. I really want to try pumping along with stretching.

I’d suggest just doing a google search for “aquarium gravel vacuum cleaners”. I think , would both be good places to start. Also look at some of the other threads on making your own cylinders, like this one. HomemadeTubes . Just for reference I got mine at a local pet store, but I know they have them in-store at Petco and Petsmart. At least in my part of the world.

Good luck

:_pump: :donatecar


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