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La Pump Send Me New Cylinder At No Charge

La Pump Send Me New Cylinder At No Charge

YES, LA PUMP SEND ME NEW CYLINDER AT NO CHARGE, to substitute the old (one month) that at every use break it with impressive fissure (you can look past post).

No, if I will found courage, I’ll use the new one.

But a question torment my little, and only one neurone:

Why my cylinder fissure it?

Also the new one fissure itself?


The fissure in your original cylinder was a manufacturing defect. It is unlikely it will happen again. I take it you don’t abuse your cyclinder.

Good point gprent, It also perhaps serves as a warning of the point I made recently, that high vacuum could cause some nasty damage if the tube implodes because of a fault.

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Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

New cylinder but same old story.

The new cylinder was brake after the first session. Like the other, not during the session, but many hours after.

Only one session with new one, and 2 fissure on it the day after.

I don’t know what I have think.:(


What exactly is broken?

And what is not happening when you try to use the pump?

You will have to be more specific on what is wrong.


Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

I just post, in past, some pics about my problem: new fissure on cylinder after every use.

Maybe should be better if everibody know it, before buy a LA PUMP Cylinder..

You can read and see it.


I have found over the years and cylinders that it’s rarely the failure of the cylinder due to quality defect, but user handling. Regardless what they say on tv and misguided manufacturer directions and hearsay, never ever put a cylinder in the dishwasher. I’m an oil pumper so every session my cylinders get their interior and seal ring coated. Clean up with a bottle brush and a dishwashing detergent. The cylinders are inherently fragile and the high temperature of a dishwasher (particularly premium brands) will promote the lengthwise fissure. The fissures will occur only after several washings and vacuum cycles. The cylinders also resent being dropped, the damage is usually not apparent until they are used for a bit then fissures appear. Since I stopped using dishwasher cleaning I haven’t lost a cylinder to fissures.

Quality defects are more likely to be bad O rings, bad cement in flat head cylinders and 2 stages or cross threaded connectors. I have been repairing all these damages myself for years as my cylinders mature. I even re-contour the seal flair for better grip. Most of my cylinders are from Boston Pump Works and the only time I got a defect it was promptly replaced without me having to jump through hoops.

Plump Pumping!


Having done some business with LA Pump myself, one thing I know is that they make very good quality cylinders. I have several, including there new isolator cylinder. I can’t help but notice that you are far far overseas and the mail certainly takes it bumps and grinds. Best of all I like the fact that you say they replaced it right away and a no charge.

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