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FNG here, need help on pump cylinder size, want to be able to crack some pelvises.

FNG here, need help on pump cylinder size, want to be able to crack some pelvises.

Just wanted to say I am so glad I have found this site. I have toyed with the idea of PE for a few years now. Everyone I have been with said do not do it, but I still want to, not for them, but more for me. I am not small, but just like every guy out there, we want to be just a little bit bigger. The problem was trying to get information on what actually worked?! You do a search, one site say pills don’t work. OK, that’s because the site is someway selling another form of PE, like pumps, exersizes, etc. The next site says pills work, other methods don’t because they are selling pills. Now, I can finally get UNBIASED opinions on the actual truth from this site, and I have finally realized that I want to try a pump program, that I believe it would be the best for me.

Now, I have read quite a bit on here and need your help on what size tube i need. EL is just over 6” (inches not feet… not sure if ” or ’ is inches) and EG is 5 5/8” or just over 5.55” . I would rather not order a tube that I will grow out of too quickly. I plan on buyin from LA Pump, and realize my 5 hp shop vac would be overkill.

So, all you Pump Guru Masters… tell young grasshumper what size to buy.

Great site, keep up the good work, and pump away.

Welcome to the forum racerx. Like you said, Thunder’s is THE place, glad you found us :) I am not positive on what cylinder size you’ll need, but I do know that LA Pump’s website seems to recommend one that is too small. I know I had to immediately buy another cylinder after using their charts. Thunder’s member gprent101 seems to have a great handle on sizing. I’ll point him in this direction. :)

thanks… I appreciate the help. Nothing like getting a size too small then letting it sit there , wasting money. Hell, maybe just let my friends use it as a shot glass and don’t tell them.

I just went the other way with an explanation. I received a bong for my birthday and I was wondering where to keep it out of sight and what to say if my kid found it. Finally I decided I could just tell him it was a penis enlargement tube. He probably wouldn’t bat an eye at that explanation and the rest of my group thought it was hilarious. If they only knew! Or maybe they do. :p

Hi racerx,

Welcome to the pump club. You should order a cylinder that is 9 inches long by 2.0 inches in diameter. It will give you enough room to grow up to at least 6.3 inches girth. Make sure you get the brass pump with gauge.

Read about the pump techniques and routines in the pumpers forum, but just remember to always pump up slow and take it nice and easy until you become conditioned pumping. There are lots of guys here to help out.

You should probably learn how to manually stretch and jelq, as these basic exercises are used to supplement your pump results.

lol… yeah, nothing like taking bong hit out of a penis pump.

gprent101, thanks for the info. I found this site yesterday, while at my home office, and what do you know, sat and read and read for like 7 hours. I got absolutely nothing done at work, but like a train accident, I could not look away. Being into strenuous sports, like racing motocross, and being a goalie in a ice hockey league, I realize the importance of stretching… before and after. So the plan is heat, stretch, pump, jelg, stretch, heat. And I definately realize the importance of being patient and not overdoing it.

Just have to wait for the g/f to go to bed until I decide to tell her.

Nah… can’t wait till we’re sitting watching tv and I take it out. Her look is going to be priceless.

Welcome to the show, racerx. Having tried all other forms of PE (stretching, hanging, jelqing) pumping is by far and away my favorite and in part because of it, the most effective for me.

Your girl will be most impressed, especially at the girth, of your monster when you take it out of the pump.

Be careful though. There is a really fine line between a great workout and overdoing it. Pumping is an art. I certainly have yet to master it. But on those workouts where everything goes right, you get a great feeling when you look down between your legs and conclude that you match up against most any cucumber in the grocery store aisle.

:wave: racerx and welcome! You sound fit which is just as well, as you have to be pretty fit to keep up with all the bizz in Thunder’s Place. There are a lot of super guys here from Florida also, you’ll bump into them pretty soon I’m sure.

I know exactly what you mean about spending hours in the Forum, I practically live here, it’s something else! :mwink:

Donate to Thunder's Place and help save the daffodils :spin2: , but remember to add an extra 30 cents every time :leftie:

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