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Jelqing after pumping

Jelqing after pumping

Hey guys, so Im looking for some advice. Ive been pumping for about a month now, things are going great. However, Ive heard a lot of talk about always being sure to jelq after a pumping session, but for some reason lately whenever I jelq (not even going hard) Ive been getting lots of those blood spots that lead to discoloration. I think this may be due to me going much to hard with the jelqing in the past without proper warm ups/down(before I was educated on the subject of proper PE). So now i think maybe im very susceptible to getting those red spots even when i do a proper warm up and dont jelq hard.

Do i just need more time to heal? Or should i just try to go super easy and build my way back up(if thats possible). Also, have you found it best to jelq after or before you pump. Thanks fellas. -Nick


What does your routine look like, and what vacuum are you pumping at?

Have you done the Newbie Routine? I’m just wondering how conditioned your penis is.

Jelqing before, during or after pumping isn’t mandatory, but some find it useful. I do. I generally jelq during a longer pumping session - I’ll come out of the tube and do a little jelqing or massaging before resuming. And I typically do a little jelqing after the session.

If you’re getting lots of blood spots, it’s probably a sign to take a little time off to heal, then start back up with a less intense routine than you left off with.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Ive been doing PE for about 2 years now, on and off at parts but on pretty solid for the last 8 months. I have no problems with red spots or fatigue when im just pumping. I pump every day for 10 mins at 4.5 mmhg, and my dick has been feeling great. Its just that for some reason whenever I jelq or do solid clamping I get pretty bad red spots.

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