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Is it ok to go from 1 5/8 to 2" cylinder?

Is it ok to go from 1 5/8 to 2" cylinder?


I’ve asked this question in the condom pumping thread but I guess no one got to it so I will ask it here. i went to the pet store to get a gravel cleaner. I’m just over 5” in girth so I wanted to get a 1 3/4” tube but they didn’t have any so I got the 1 5/8” tube. but I also got the 2” tube for later when I would be to big I can just switch ti it. i have no problem when it comes to packing the 1 5/8 tube infact, I packed it right away so I said to myself, great I can go to the 2”. But I can’t get a good seal at all with the tube so I’m contantly pumping to maintain the pressure. I’ve trimmed like I’ve read and put lube to seal but it still doesn’t want to seal. Am I going to have to buy the 1 3/4” tube? or is there a way to seal it even though it’s to big?

Thanks alot


Try to use a thicker viscosity lube around the base of your dick, like petroleum jelly (messy) or baby oil gel or a lot more lotion. Are you sure there aren’t any leaks elseswhere in your cylinder?


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You should only increase tube diameters by about a 1/4 inch at a time otherwise you will have the kind of problems that you are having now. 1 3/4 would have been the right choice.

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I agree with both peforeal and super. The best tube would have been the 1 3/4, but there might be a way to get the 2.0 to work.

First of all, when you try the 2.0, you should first pump up and pack the 1 5/8 real good. Then come out of the small tube and go right into the 2.0. This is called staging.

If you have been doing this and still have a seal problem, make sure there are no leaks around where the female coupler screws into the top of the 2.0 tube. On mine, I wrap the threads of the female coupler with plumbers Teflon tape and then screw it in, in addition to the O-ring on the coupler.

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If those tubes are thick wall you can use a heat gun to shape and put a flare on the beginning where it lies against you pelvic bone. Thats what I have done with 3 of my home made tubes

Hey thanks alot guys. I’ll try what peforeal and gprent said and if it doesn’t work, I guess it’s 1 3/4.

Phat1: I was reading your post before about flaring the cylinder and well I screwd up my cylinder. Thanks for the advice though.

It sucks how petsmart doesn’t sell 1 3/4. That’s like the biggest store in Canada. Because I have found a really good way to keep the cylinder from digging into my sack and pelvic bone. Just get a rubber cylinder that conects to pipes together and screw the coupler or whatever it’s called tight to the cylinder. Just make sure it’s sticking out like 1/8 or a little more. I’ll take a picture if you guys want. Am I aloud to post pictures in this erea or do I have to post them into the “members pic” area?

Thanks again guys.

You can post equipment pics right here. No cock shots though, they would go in member pics.

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