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Anybody have a used tube or cylinder for sale 2" or bigger?

Anybody have a used tube or cylinder for sale 2" or bigger?

I’ve been searching around looking for a new 2” cylinder /tube and thought I would post here incase someone has one they are looking to part with.The lowest price have found for a decent one is $48 at Some of these places want $80 which is crazy just for a cylinder.A 2” or a little bigger would be fine.Thanks for youre time.

You can easily make your own tubes ,I have been using a 3” tube [home made]with a flared base for over a year now ,but sometime use a 2 1/2” with a inner tube,.My length is 9 1/4 under vacumm

MYEIGHT,Tell me more,What type of material are you using and how you go about building it.

Home Made Acrylic Cylinders

MyEIGHT, I’ve posted a similar question in the “Condom Pumping” thread, but it would have been more relevant here.

I wanted to know the Australian (hopefully in Sydney) source of the acrylic tubing you have been using.



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