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Inexpensive Cylinder


Originally Posted by Specialities

Could you technically buy this cheap pump then purchase a gauge from Amazon separately and attach it? Sorry if this sounds stupid, I’m new to pumping (skeptical about it giving gains, too, but I’m open the idea of it).

It doesn’t look like the cylinder is equipped with a universal connector.

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
It doesn’t look like the cylinder is equipped with a universal connector.

I have this cylinder. At the top is just a “nipple” coming out. It comes with a hose and shitty bulb style pump. I use the hose and a vacuum pump with a gauge on it. Any flexible/rubber tubing should fit on the cylinder.

Is it me or is this pump really weird? I bought it from Amazon and got it today. When I looked at the insertion point, it had a soft rubber sleeve like device with a much smaller hole in the center. Wouldn’t it be better to take that off and simply push the big cylinder against my pubic bone?

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The sleeve is for people with ED —-to strangle the penis at the base for ‘cocksure” erection. Ha! You can certainly remove it unless the cylinder is too big in which case the sleeve will prevent balls being sucked in. Your choice.

Add on to the $9.09 cylinder:

Hoorah! I have outgrown the $9.09 cylinder—glans touching the end of the tube! So I have added on. Here’s how: Go to Home depot or Lowes and buy a neoprene reducer typically used to reduce pvc pipe from 2” inside diameter to 1 1/2” inside diameter. The actual diameters are 2 1/4” on the big end and 1 7/8 ” on the small (your penile insertion ), end. Both ends are supplied with a stainless hose clamp. Discard the small end clamp. Insert the cylinder into the big end all the way and tighten the clamp. Now you must shape the small end for comfort. Do this by shaving off the squared edges of the neoprene all the way around, inside edge and outside edge. Next, sand down with 80d grit sand paper wrapped around a dowel or thin bottle to shape the edge to a nicely rounded form. This will cost all of $2.85. You now have a cylinder of $9.09 plus $2.85 or $11.94!

I neglected to add that you have extended the 8 inch cylinder to 9 1/2 inches. For you guys that are in upper one percent of the male population, you have extended your 9 incher to 10 1/2 inches thereby. lol


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