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How to properly remove cylinder?

How to properly remove cylinder?

Tried pumping with my new cylinder tonight. Kept it at 2.5 HG for 5 minutes, and I wanted to stop. I disconnected the pump & hose from the cylinder. Unfortunately, there still was a vaccum. I did not know how to properly remove the cylinder, so I began to pull it away from my body. This made it feel like the pressure was increasing a little bit. As a result, I wanted to be safe, and I slowly would pull it away from my body. After a while I got it off, and right when I removed it, it made a “farting” sound. Is this a safe way to remove the cylinder? I am a pumping newbie, and I do not want to hurt myself. Is there a better method?

Thank You.

Congratulations on the new cylinder!

Most pumps have some sort of vacuum release button or pin on them. You should be able to release the vacuum before disconnecting the pump and hose from the cylinder, and the cylinder will then release easily.

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Thanks, will look. The good thing is that I had ZERO difficulty in obtaining a perfect seal.

If there is no quick release button/pin, try tugging on your ball sack. That should break the seal and stop the vacuum. I know with my quick release pin it will take a few pushes before the vacuum will be completely gone so I can take it off. If my roommate is coming into the room I just manually break the seal so I can take it off quicker!

Or just slip a finger into the tube.

Originally Posted by plustwo
Or just slip a finger into the tube.

That is the easiest way. :)

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I don’t know what tube you have, but most of the ones with the quick connect/disconnect hookup, you just pop the hose off, then rotate that fitting off just enough so it’s not air tight, and you won’t have to fight with your tube anymore

You and I have the same cylinder. I went through the same thing at first.

As plustwo and gprent say, just stick a finger into the cylinder to break the seal.

That’s the only thing that works for me. I use my pinky, at either the side or the bottom of my penis.

The finger trick has worked the best for me. Thanks to all. The last two nights, I have pumped for aobut 5 minutes at 2-3 HG about an hour before bed. Surprisingly, this small amount has helped my morning wood, and my fullness of flaccid. I am not pumping for direct gains, but I am hoping pump can help aid some of my other activities (stretches/Supra Slammers).

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