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Having problems pumping

Having problems pumping

Hi guys,
I received my 1.75” velseal tube and pump from pumptoys in the mail yestersday (excellent service and quick international delivery) and I had my first pumping session last night.

I encountered a few problems which greatly affected the effectiveness of pumping. I could only manage to enter the tube semi-erect, and when I started to pump, I felt all the pressure exert only around the base of my cock, and as a result I immediately packed the base of the tube. This is only at 3hg. When I raised the pressure higher, the tube started to dig more into my pubic pad, and some excess skin around my base started to get sucked in the tube, thus packing it more and more. I couldnt feel any pressure around my shaft, only at the base. I realised the only growth I was getting in the tube was due to the tube digging into my pubic pad, thus making my dick look longer, when in fact in didnt expand at all.

When I released the pressure, my dick immediately returned to being flacid, with no after-pump effect at all. The whole experience wasnt all too comfortable even at low pressure 3hg. I was hoping pumping would leave a nice healthy effect on my dick. I was wondering if anyone has experienced what I currently am, and has some advice to give.

Thank you.

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My pubic pad goes into the tube also, and I’m pretty lean. Try and go into the tube erect. If you can, masturbate and edge a little bit before going in. Don’t rush into the tube. You can rush, but I have found the best way to go into the tube is after the penis is fully erect and when edging has been done a couple of times. Also, DO NOT go over 5hg. It just isn’t worth it and, in my opinion, will be counterproductive. Lots of vets will tell you the same thing.

Good luck and keep on pumpin’ :)

Push the tube down to your pubic bone and then begin pumping. And if stuff, like your ball sack, goes up in the tube, just pull it out. Try to limit your lube application to just the base of your cock, and don’t get it on your scrotum.

It’s not unusual for your base to pack, the rest of your shaft should follow soon after, but be patient. The more erect you are when you enter, the better off you will be and should eliminate most of your problems.

Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. And when you do, you will be hooked.

Well, as a beginner you shouldn’t being doing MUCH more than 3 hg anyways. As for the base being sucked in, just hold it back with your other hand and you should be fine.

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I used to have that happen too. I think it was because the pressure of the tube against my pubic pad was enough to cut off the flow of blood into my cock, preventing it from getting fully hard. I’d pump up the vacuum too fast and get a lot of pressure against the pubic bone and a lot of pad sucked into the tube with a relatively limp cock unaffected by the vacuum since the blood flow was cut off. You have to start the pumping process slowly, letting the cock get engorged by the vacuum pressure slowly before the pressure gets high enough to press the tube against the pubic bone.

Another solution was to pump up the pressure and then immediately release it several times until my cock began to respond to the vacuum.

Good luck!

I had this problem once or twice as well. For me, the lube was allowing my scrotum to be sucked up into the tube. I stopped using lube for pumping and the problem went away. Sacrilege, I know, but it works for me. The only problem I ever get is that my head gets stuck on the side and I have to give the tube a little shake to free things up.

In hindsight, maybe I should have started with the next smaller tube. I was right on the edge between 1.75” and 2.0”. I figure that when/if I pack the 2.0” tube I will be right at my girth goal anyway, so no sweat.

After you push the tube down and get some vacuum pressure going, also try rotating the tube as you press down about a 1/4-1/2 turn. It helps (for me) to keep excess skin from getting sucked in.

Originally Posted by gprent
Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. And when you do, you will be hooked.

Couldn’t of said it better myself.

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