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Foreskin problems while pumping

Foreskin problems while pumping

I have a question to y’all.

I’ve been using a pump for a couple of months now.

10 minutes several times a week, with a little jelqing and penis massage after (to get blood flowing again), usually take warm shower after.

Got decent results. I’m not looking for super fast gains because that’s probably dangerous, so I’d say half an inch lenght and noticable width improvement in 2 months is decent.

I up the pressure untill I fell the “twinge” at the base of the penis, means it’s streched, and leave pressure. I up this preassure slowly towards the end of the 10 minutes as the penis grows in size.

I find that if I hold maximum pressure for more than a minute, then my foreskin swells (I’m circumcised, BTW). This usually goes down in a day or two, but I don’t want to start developing foreskin, and making it all wrinkly.

Problem is, the REALLY GOOD stretch is after the penis has become accustomed, near the end of the 10 minutes, and I have to up the preassure to keep feeling the stretch (this is when it gains a good half inch and fills almost the entire tube, width wise), BUT I can only keep this strech for 60 seconds, lest I make my foreskin swell!

So my questions basically are:

Is holding the good, final stretch for 60 seconds enough for effective stretching?

If I do not want to hold it more, so as not to make skin swell, will this come at the cost of optimum speed of gains?

What have y’all encountered that is similar to me, and how did you solve it?


Prime Alpha

Prime Alpha;

Welcome to the forum.

(Notice, guys, that he gave us his first post.)

This swelling that you are calling “foreskin” swelling even though you’re circumcized? Sounds it has to be a “donut.” If you are getting tissue bulge just in the area of your circumcision scar that’s my guess, anyway. If so, somewhere during your routine your pressure is too high and you are causing the tissue to distend.

You are getting length pull continuously during your pump session. You may really like that one minute of real “stretch” but it isn’t going to help you with long-term gain. That one minute will just begin to “cement” in a donut, imo.



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