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Got any Ideas?

Got any Ideas?

Well i’ve been thinkin of buyin a pump off ebay but i am in trouble i’m 18 and still livin with my family and its a problem, everything that comes in the mail even for me gets openedPlus i can’t be at home when anything comes in the mail i’m in trouble anyone got any ideas is there anywere i can go to buy one??

Hi bulldog,

I used to have the same problem, living at home, your parents will see everything that comes in the post. I don’t think they mean to be nosey, but they are just interested in what you get up to. You could find a local sex shop, bigger ones tend to stock that sort of thing, but the chances are you will end up paying well over the odds and probably not get a very good one.

The other option is that to tell them that you are ordering an anniversary/birthday present for them, so if a package arrives they mustn’t open it. Then get them an equivalently sized pressy.

That still leaves the danger of discovery. I don’t know what your parents are like, but mine (well my mum) had a nasty habit of deciding to randomly tidy my room and no matter how well you hide stuff they’ll find it. I once came home to find my porn collection (that I thought could never be found) laid neatly out on my bed. I didn’t speak to my mum for a week.

Hope this helps.


Check around in your area for a post drop operation such as “Mailboxes Etc” which is a franchise that allows people to discreetly send and receive packages for a small fee. There may be one - or another of a different name in your town.
Do a web search and you might locate something near you.


Originally Posted by bulldogg
Well I‘ve been thinking of buying a pump off ebay but I am in trouble. I‘m 18 and still living with my family and its a problem. Everything that comes in the mail, even for me, gets opened. Plus I can’t be at home when anything comes in the mail. I‘m in trouble. Anyone got any ideas? Is there anywere I can go to buy one??

bulldogg - follow the link in the second line of my sig. Read and understand the Forum Guidelines before you post again. Thanks.

Get a PO Box too. I used to have a 24 hour access one which is fairlt rare. I could pick up my shit before goin to work at 4 AM around the corner.

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