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Is the Pump Correlated With Girth Gains?

Is the Pump Correlated With Girth Gains?

I am just curious about this. I have been using Cable Cuffs in 10-minute sessions for a few days now. I think that theyre very good, because theyre very very intense, etc. Lotta’ pressure, etc.

However, I do not get much of if any pump at all from Cable Cuff uli sessions. I mean after the session my flaccid size returns back to its normal size. What am I doing wrong guys?


Strange thing is that from typical squeeze sessions with a cock ring on at my base I get a good pump, from a Power-Jelq session I get a good pump, etc.

Maybe its because I am not getting aroused? I usually get an erection, put the clamp on. Let my shaft/head fill up with blood, and then put the second clamp on. And then just browse the internet. Nothing really turning me on. Could this have something to do with it?

What probably happens is that the penis fills to capacity, then stops. In order to cause growth, it needs to be stretched beyond capacity a little more each time. Try kegelling whilst browsing, or play with the glans every minute or so. This should cause a momentary stretch, and thus expansion.

Well I also continue tightening the Cable Cuff every few minutes I do another ‘click’ so that increases expansion even more. Really blows my glans up big time. :)

I just dont know why I get no pump from these.

Maybe while going for length, you can hang some weights and forget about what you are doing. Or if you are in a vac tube you can forget about what you are doing. But if you are going for girth with other methods, you at least have to pay enough attention to keep the pressure up, or you are just going to lose pressure and there goes your girth workout. Find something arousing and pay attention to that big fat cock of yours.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I use to use the Bib’s Uli thing all the time.I would leave in on for an hour or so,sometimes 2( this is not recommended,however I never had any problems from it).But I never seen any after pump affect.

Then one day after a long time of using the uli thing,I did multiple sets.After 7-8 sets I got a pump for the first time.I stuck with this for a while and found that it would I would never have a pump until I got to the 7th set.Sound like your having the same problem I was.

I would recommen doing multiple sets of 9-10 minutes and see what happens.

I’m no expert, but I get pumped for about 5-7 hous after my jelq/uli session, and I think constant movement is the key. I saw the pics you posted of your double clamp sessions, and I think it would very hard to gain girth that way. Constant jelqing, squeezing, and kegeling, over a 30 minute period can get you swollen for hours. Static high pressure won’t stress the tissues as much, but it seems like you could get injured though. I will post my routine for girth in “my progress” thread tomorrow, its really increasing my upper shaft girth.

One foot to go

A few times when I’ve used the Cable Clamps, I’ve experienced fluid buildup, and once even a donut. I think adding some slight bends during your clamp sessions is a good idea, I usually do that for the last few minutes before releasing them.

You might try a cockring after your session. I use a 2” harness ring I got from Lowes for under $2. It’s a little too tight if I get an erection, but after a session I think it’s the ideal size for over the whole package use.

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