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Getting sucked in

Getting sucked in

Hey guys,
I haven’t been here long and I’ve said even less. I recently bought (not only a BIB hanger) but a pump from LA pumps. I measure at 6.25 x 6.0 and bought a 9x2 pump cylinder.

While flaccid…..well I guess you would just say I’m a grower. When using the pump, I get lubed and warm up, slick the cylinder inside and the base. I slip my dick into the pump and twist. now this is where I’m having an issue.

It seems that the vacuum wants to start sucking my nuts in to the cyl. not so much my Nuts as the ligs holding them in my sack. When you get kicked in the balls you get the pain higher up (lower gut area), well somewhere between my balls and that pain, that’s the part that starts getting sucked in. It starts to push the line of pain (like kicked in the balls but not)

I do have a larger set of balls. When pumping I can grip my sack and pull it away from the tube but some will get sucked up anyways when I let go. My actual nuts end up riding on the base of the cyl.

Is this normal? Will it possibly stop as my dick fills the cyl a bit more? I did the fating for the tube, and the 2 in tube is what was called for since I measure 6’ or just a tad over in girth. When I’m pumped I fill a good portion of the cyl but there is still enough at the base to get some the the sac skin and those ligs in there. I doesn’t hurt but it makes me wonder if I’ll be stretching my nuts to fill the vacuum as well. I don’t need a bigger sack..not by a long shot. Half the reason I went searching for PE is because my limp dick didn’t hang as low as my sack did.


BTW pressures are normal..3-6 PSI. I do manual exercises and stretching as well as hanging for about a month now. Slight gains too!

Maybe use an adjustable, three snap, leather cock/ball strap, but just around your ball sack? That should keep them from getting sucked in or even riding up against the cylinder bottom. You could get the same effect using a piece of self-sticking Ace bandage. Some of the guys might have a better idea.

Let us know how it goes. Good to have you posting.




I had the same problem. Boxcar posted about his experience with cylinders from PumpToys. I checked out their website ( and saw that they make a cylinder with a soft rubber flange at the bottom. I bought on and it has been great. Not only does it not suck my scrotum up into the cylinder, but it holds the suction like you wouldn’t believe. I only have to do a slight pump every minute or so to maintain pressure. With my old LA Pump cylinder, I had to pump up the pressure constantly. You should try one if you can swing the extra cash.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

LOL Hero I feel your pain. Im around 3 and Half inches flacid with a 6 inch scrotum. Kinda looks silly. Fully relaxed I look like I have bull nuts.


Originally posted by Toxsus
LOL Hero I feel your pain. Im around 3 and Half inches flacid with a 6 inch scrotum. Kinda looks silly. Fully relaxed I look like I have bull nuts.


That’s me to a T my man. LOL @ Bull nutz.

Jelktoid, Thanks, I’m going to look into that ring. Comfort is more important than cost. And a bigger cock is the most important thing right now.

Avocet8 I am going to give that a whirl as well while waiting for the base adaptor. I do have some self stick ACE at the house too.

Thanks guys!

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