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Gardeners Pad

Gardeners Pad

Guys I’m getting ready to build a homemade pump. On a thread a guy said he used a gardeners kneeling pad and epoxy putty for the seal. I was at home depot and they had a gardeners pad. It was kinda thick and it was green. It was a kinda a soft foam like material. I didn’t see epoxy putty, they had plumbers putty though. Will both of these items work in terms of creating a good seal if I put the putty around the base of the cylinder where the rubber would be on a store bought pump, and then cut out a circle from the pad and mabey cut it in half so it won’t be so thick. Will this work for the seal. Also is there anything else I need for the pump. Will the hose that comes with the mityvac II connect to the vacumm cylinder.

I think Hobby knows about this. If he doesn’t see your post, PM him to have a look. He is highly mechanical. If I give you advice, you’ll be kneeling on your tube while you weed your plants.



I didn’t use a knee pad on mine so can’t advise much there. Plumber’s putty is Playdoh-like stuff you use when installing drains and sinks to create a waterproof seal. It’s not an adhesive. I’d use regular epoxy.

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