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Does stretching affect fat pad?


Does stretching affect fat pad?

Guys, this is just my thought. As you know, some skin is stretched during length exercises and this excess skin stays there over time. Some of the signs of enlarged skin is the movement of pubic hair along the penis shaft and lower hanging testicles. I also observed an increase in the pubic fat pad thickness with time. My conclusion is that stretching exercises may also pull some fat pad from the abdominal region down to pubic region. I want to learn if anyone else has noticed a similar change in his pubic area.

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I’m sure it does Teoman. How else to explain that in many cases BP length goes up and NBP length stays the same or doesn’t grow as much.

Totally agree, any other idea?

Soon to be 9''.

I also think that circumcised guys would experience it even more because of the lack of skin on the shaft. If the penis is growing skin has to pull up fat pad a bit up in order to catch up. In my opinion the answer would be “shaft skin stretching”- in flaccid or erect state grab your skin at the base with an OK grip and with other hand grab the skin with an OK grip just below the glans and pull in opposite directions. Don’t pull too hard to avoid stretch marks. And another thing to do of course would be to lose fat and therefore reduce the fat pad.

I’m surprised how little attention is paid to fat pad issues on this and other PE forums as it is very important in my opinion. I would take 0.5” NPBL rather than 1” BPL any time.

I agree with you about little attention given to fat pad in these forums. What you define is some kind of tunica stretch IMO, not a lig specific one.

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It’s not a tunica stretch. You only stretch skin. Try it and you will see what I mean. When you are pulling you don’t grip too tight, just enough so that skin doesn’t slip. The goal is to stretch the shaft skin, so that if there is shaft growth, the skin can accommodate without pulling up the fat pad.

Anyone know of a good not-too-expensive outpatient surgery center in the Los Angeles area that can suck out that fat pad?

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Guys, if you measure bp your pushing the ruler right up to the pubic bone therefore your going thru the fat pad, so i dont see how slightly more of a fat pad from stretching will give you an increase in bp measurements as you are still hitting the ruler up against the pubic bone. Then again i could be wrong. I have experienced as 1 cm increase in bp and only about 3mm in npb measurements, so i too would like to know if what is happening.


The idea is that as you grow more dick (hence, an increase in bp measurement, which, as you say, is unaffected by changes in fat pad), you may also increase your fat pad (which will decrease nbp measurements). So bp invariably goes up as your dick grows, whereas nbp measurements may be retarded by fat pad growth accompanying the dick growth. According to this theory, in fact, a guy’s nbp could conceivably decrease as he PEs, if the fattening of the fat pad exceeded the lengthening of the penis. Does that make sense?

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Well said Helluvastud.

Soon to be 9''.

ok i understand, thanks for the explanation.

I can tell you after awhile your nbp will Grow ! It has no choice:}~

Wow this shit works!

I’ve noticed the same, and it sucks. Why wasn’t I warned about stretching doing this before? Oh well. If stretching seems to increase the fat pad, are there any PE excercises (I’m not talking about spot reduction here) that people have experience with decreasing their fat pads? Do the older stretchers notice their fat pads eventually returning to normal? On the plus side, my erection angle seems to be much higher, almost straight up.

What kind of stretching had that effect on your erections angle joe_joe?


Mainly straight out, but I’d kind of stretch it around a little at different angles. Anyone else noticed different angles due to stretching?

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