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froehle cylinders


froehle cylinders

I really want to order a froehle cylinder from but the site is in German. Is there any other places that sell froehle cylinders or is there anyone that can get one for me? I am really interested in the Hoden-Kondom because it has a place for your balls to go so you don’t have to worry about them getting sucked in the tube.

I just posted that you could translate to English by right clicking at the site, but when I tried that it only gave a very limited amount of translation.

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I tried it again and it actually does a decent job of translating but you have to right click and select Translate into English on every page you go to.

I have done that before, but I really don’t trust sending my credit card info to a site in another language. It would be really great if there was an american reseller or something.

Just bumping this thread here. I would really like to order one of these tubes, they are unlike any other cock tube I have seen.

These tubes look pretty cool. Has anyone here tried one and know what they cost (in $US)?

I tried right clicking on the German web pages but couldn’t figure out how to translate them?

How to translate the Fröhle-page!

Hi guys,

you can try the following online program to translate the Fröehle-page.

Then click on the right side on “Deutsch|Englisch” and copy marked text from the German site into the field “Quelltext” and click on “Übersetzen”. That’s it!

I hope this will help you!


Thanks for the help, I tried contacting the english site and the german one and I haven’t been able to contact anyone? I would be willing to pay someone who can speak german to order a cylinder for me. Any takers?

comments on the "Hodenkondom"

Hello anno,

I own a Fröhle Hodonkondom. I bought the big version second hand. First of all you should be aware, that there are two different sizes available. The one has a diameter of 5 cm the other of 6cm (approx. 2” and 2,4”). If you are not too big, I recommend the small one. I have some issues to get a good vac because I have the big one. Nevertheless I like the feeling that the balls are also pumped, though it can be a bit uncofortable the first times.

The quality is not as good as my Kaplan pump, but it’s ok and no piece of crap. Actually I think you can trust the Fröhle website, because it has been very long on the net. You can also call them under +49 7433-383500.

Well, I got the small one, in the mail the other day, and I am afraid it is too small for me. I pack the tube without pumping, and I am looking for more girth rather than length. Mayer21 would you be willing to trade since yours seems too big? I have no problem keeping a seal on this thing, I could probably sleep with it on..

Does anyone have a small size one (005) they would sell to me?

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Let me see if I can find the link to a place that sells them cheaper. If you need something translated, pm me. I’ve been living in Germany for over 24 years so I think I might be qualified. It might take a few to find that link but I will post if when I find it.

Thanks plein_lee.

"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."

- Yoda ('The Empire Strikes Back')

I really want one of these! But I don’t want my wife to know I bought one, so I don’t want to use a wire transfer from our bank to Germany. I would rather send a money order, but the company I found that sells them asks for wire transfer. Does anyone have an idea how I might be able to get one or have one they would sell me?


"Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."

- Yoda ('The Empire Strikes Back')

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