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Anyone tried the VelSeal cylinders at pumptoys?

Anyone tried the VelSeal cylinders at pumptoys? has cylinders that have what appears to be a silicone donut at the bottom to give a better seal and more comfort. They’re about $100. Has anyone here tried one of these?

Yeah, they’ve been around for a while, and there’s been some talk about them in other threads, but I haven’t personally tried one.

I have, however, decided to order one later this week. I’ve been looking for a good tube, and I don’t think it’ll get any better than this one.

I’ll let you know what I think after I get a little use out of it. Give me a couple of weeks.

IMO, I think that their tubes are quite good. I own a set and I have been happy with their products, still debating about getting the electric pump though.

I have been using the 1.75” and 2” for about a year now. They make quality stuff with fast discreet shipping.

Why would a person need an electric vacuum pump? It takes like three pumps with a hand pump to get 4-5hg and then you’re done. My tube stays sealed for my session once I get to 4hg. I’m not being a smart ass here, and I’ve PE’d for over 5 years, but just started pumping a few months ago. Is there some wild pumping routine or special tube that requires a constant air draw?

I work with positive and negative pressured vessels, differential pressures, pad/depads etc every day and unless you have an intentional cycling (relieving) tube/program then what is the need for an electric pump? Just curious!

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I understand your point. Many of the electric vacuum pumps just seem to maintain vacuum at a set level and as such, really don’t do much more than a simple hand pump.

The Pumptoys Vaculogic QS-7 is a little different. (Whether it is different in a way that makes a difference is another question.) It is programmable to vary the vacuum level. Again, nothing that you can’t do with a hand pump, but if you wanted to do a lot of that and had the money that the QS-7 costs ($570+), it might be worth it. There are almost no posts here about it, so there’s not much in the way of user experiences on how worthwhile that might be.

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I have two of their tubes (1.75” and 2”) and think they are excellent.

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