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For the people who asked

Originally Posted by Marco_187
So what does HG stand for anyway?

And now to answer the question correctly. Hg is the chemical symbol for Mercury.

Kesman correctly expalined how inches of mercury is used to measure a vacuum.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm pissed of with my gains and loses. I've been doing this for more than 4 years. I keep measuring wrong and the next time I update my signature you will see impressive results.

Congrats kesman , I was entirely mistaken , obviously , I was under the impression that it was the ratio of the height of the mercury in relation to the gravity . Silly me , thanks for the correction . I guess I was confused by the part where it states that “Hg is defined as the pressure exerted “etc.

I have read this whole thread and, even though I agree that it is wrong to give out potentially dangerous tips to newbies, I must remind everybody that every kind of PE activity can easily become dangerous and therefore I believe we could try to grasp the various concepts that people share (as extreme as they might be) reminding to ourselves that we must pay a lot of attention to what we do with our body. Still, if we do undertake any sort of PE activity, we must bear in mind that we do put our body at risk. Such risk decreases in time and experience, but it is there. If it is risky to use high pressure in the vacuum, which in my opinion is whatever pressure is uncomfortable to me, it is also as dangerous to jelq over the glans, or hanging without wrapping, not to talk about clamping, bends and rings. I think that it is possible to get some interesting concepts even in Nelson’s posts and believe that some of his wrong statements were due more to his lack of knowledge than to bad intentions. He said that it takes 50 Hg to create a perfect vacuum, which is completely wrong, as all it takes is a small enough tube with the right shape ( a condom is very close to a perfect vacuum with no pressure at all). Instead, his suggestion to use an inner tube at low pressure for length gains is in my opinion valid, as it is interesting, but dangerous, the idea of using a penis ring in the tube. My understanding of the growth process, after several years of pumping, is that only a consistent routine of thirty or more minutes made every twelve hours at a pressure so low that I can forget about it and read or do something else, can produce permanent gains, but I remember that when I first started and had no experience whatsoever, I used to apply much stronger pressure and obtain very good temporary results but also bruises and fluids.

Thank you for the opportunity, hoping we won’t have to ban people too often

It’s funny how the world works sometimes, you know that stuff about everyone has a role to play and all. NN made some amazing claims, offered questionable advice but he did stir up the pumpers forum and got people talking.

So on the upside, those newbies out there have a fresh and very busy thread discussing the dangers of pumping with lots of great advice from seasoned and respected members.

Just trying to put a positive spin on NN’s time here.


Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

Where did you get the cock ring to fit into the tube?

If you cut the edge of an unrolled condom, that is a perfect ring


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