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Flange question

Flange question

For my beginner pump I got the LAPDist 9x1.75 tube, which has a wide, flat flange around the opening. I’m having issues sometimes with a testicle getting pulled, sometimes it takes me several attempts to get a good seal without capturing a testicle. If the boys are hanging freely there’s usually no problem, but if my dartos muscle is contracted and the balls are hanging tight, I have issues. And I don’t seem to have any control over that condition.

I was wondering if a different flange type would have better results for excluding the testicles? Like maybe the Vacu-Tech line, with either the flared flange or the flangeless Thick Wall types? Or should I just surrender and go for full-package pumping?

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There are several things you can try if you haven’t already.

First, just stretch out your scrotum before pumping.

Second, don’t get lube in that area.

Third, and probably the best, start with an erection and bone press the cylinder into your body as you start to pump up.

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You could try tying a cord round your testicles. Not too tight but just to hold them together so that the cord knot is against the flange which should help to keep them joining in the fun

I find that works OK with a 2½” tube which is fairly loose (but without a flange).

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