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Do you Use Mityvac Or Brake Bleed Pump From Harborfreight Mine Is Broken.plz Readhelp

Do you Use Mityvac Or Brake Bleed Pump From Harborfreight Mine Is Broken.plz Readhelp

Hi guys I’m writing because I need your help!
I’m an italian pumper, I live in Italy and my pump unfortunately now is broken.
I purchased my last tools from vacutech.
I can definetely say that they are leader in this sector.

I bought 2 vacutech cylinders and a metal hand pump in 2008 from ‘em.

Unfortunately the hand pump is fallen and now it’s broken as you can see from the picture I’ve attached. (I’ve unscrewed the 2 metal pumps to let you see how they r inside but then I’ve screwed ‘em back on.)

So I’ve bought another metal hand pump from a site dedicated to cock pumping in uk . (I’ve attached also a picture of it)

This metal hand pump should be manufactered by lapdist.. So it’s wrote on the pump..
But I think it’s a fake .. I mean.. I’ve read here in some posts that people were saying good things about this metal pump and this brand..

But it sucks!! The suction is not good at all.. It’s hurting my cockhead while I’m pumping at 5hg and my cock does’t expand at all in the cylinder.. To be more precise just the base of my cock expands (the part near by balls).. The rest of my cock remain normal size but become red.. And that’s all!!

Instead when I pumped my cock with the metal hand pump bought from vacutech (manufactered by U.S. GENERAL, as you can see from the pictured attached) my cock expanded in the cylinder and it did’t hurt my cock at all!! ( The effect I achived was more o less the same of the picture of the men I’ve attached)

It was amazing pumping for the effect, results and sensations that it gave to me!!
Now I’m irritated and frustrated when I try to do my pumping session!

I’ve looked at the vacutech site to purchase the metal hand pump again.. But it seems they don’t sell it anymore.

So I’ve serched some information about which is the best metal hand pump to buy.
I’ve serched here in thunder’s place and it seems that the best are mityvac (but which model.. I’m looking for the METAL ONE but I’m curious to read also the opinions of men using the plastic ones.) and the break bleed pump that is sold by harbor freight ( I think is the same hand pump which was sold in the past by vacutech..
.. They are both manufactered by U.S. GENERAL.. What do you think about it?)

Now I would know from you which is the best in your opinion. Which one r you using? And please could you attach a picture of your cock while you’r pumping with you’re metal hand pump. And please could attach also a picture of your cock just after you’ve finished the pumping session after using your metal pump.

I’m asking this because I’d like to see if the effect you achive with that metal pump is the same I achived with my old vachutech(u.s general manufactered) hand metal pump.
I want to be sure which is the right pump for me before to buy it.

You know.. I’ve just payed 90 eur(120 usd) for a pump that hurts my cock and “hurted my wallet”, and make me loose time!!

So Gents. Be kind help me!!

P.s. I’ve tried to repair my vacutech hand pump . I’ve pasted that borken piece of plastic with the half part which is in the pump with silicone but.nothing!!
The suction was really really weak.. I dunno..
Maybe I should try to fix it with super glue.?
Anyone had my same problem??


Thank you in advice for your answer!!


Sorry guys I tought I’ve attached the pictures I’ve mentioned in the thread. But it’s not so.. I dunno..

Well I’ve created an album with all this pictures mentioned in “lpsg” where I have another account.. But I don’t know if I can put a link here.

I wanted to show you the pictures to be more precise.. And give a sense to what I’m saying in this thread.

If I can put the link here let me know.

Here you can see the pics mentioned

Attached Images
(45.2 KB, 87 views)
(67.4 KB, 56 views)
(31.3 KB, 55 views)

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The pictures above r referring to my old vacutech (u.s. General manufactered) hand pump.

US General is the actual manufacturer of the Harbor Freight brake bleeder and I have been using mine for over two years without a problem. My shaft starts to expand immediately when t start to pump. I am unable to separate mine at the point you show in the first attachment, at least by using my hands. Perhaps a vice or wrenches would do the trick.

Anyway, I think you have a defective pump which should be replaced by the supplier.

I currently use the metal Harbor freight pump and like it.
It’s durable, very inexpensive ($20) and it just works.
I went through 2 plastic Mityvac pumps and numerous spare parts, before switching over.
Before that I used the large brass Boston Pumpworks pump for many years.
That’s a decent pump, but expensive and requires 2 hands to operate.
The large pump cylinder moves a lot of air so I had no problem getting to max expansion.

I say go with the Harbor Freight pump.

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