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Discrete Pump

Discrete Pump

After my gym routine i hit the showers, i work night shift so not alot of ppl at gym.

Would a bathmate be more discrete in pumping in a gym shower? Im about at a 2” cylinder set up, which one would you recomend?

Ive tried pumping with cylinder hose and bulb pump at gym shower, but to much stuff to deal with.

Now im at a new gym and this one even has, like a personal shower private restroom lol.

Have you triep pumping at gym?

Im begining to think i need to add a bathmate into my tool box for shower wet routines.

Im about 6.75-7bone pressed el and 5 eg

It says x30 would be ideal

X40 would be overkill?
X30 wideboy overkill?

Im using a 2” by 9” leluv cylinder thats where im at in normal cylinder, i almost pack it at 8 inches.

a 2.25” by 9 leluv is my next purchase in cylinders.

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You mention it’s very private, but I would just take a shower at home with the pump, it’s much more relaxing. But maybe there are other extenuating circumstances? I mean who wants to spend 20-30 minutes in the gym shower?

Haha your right i usually take 15-20 minutes,
I have a stye on my eyelid so yeah the hot water helps. Doing helicopter rotations routine while in there soaking my eye. Its a 24 hour fitness, says please limit time in shower lol. I live at my girlfriends parents so yeah i hate waking ppl up. Rather shower at the gym shit i pay for it.

I did some research on here seems like the hurcules pump is my best bet.

The new Hercules is named Hydro7. It has the superior sealing and comfort. And the inside length is 8,5”. There is also the option to add Bathmate comfort pads which adds 0.25” to the length.

Yeah sounds like im going with that.

When I was going to the gym regularly I would pump full package using a wide mouth jar and some rubber tubing. I would shove the tube under my balls and stick my junk in the jar full of warm water. Then I would use my mouth to get to vacuum and jank the tube out. My gym shower had hair conditioner that worked perfectly as lube for the pump.

I would spend 10 mins pumping hard in the shower, then let off the pressure, put on my towel, and go to the sauna for 20-30 mins and repeat 2-3 times. I had a membership that let me go to any gym in the city so I would go to different gyms from time to time. I would also do a full freeweight / cardio work out. If I had hours to kill, I would pump before I left for the gym, get there and shower / pump for 10-15, then hit the weights for 45. Then I would go back to the showers and pump some more, sit in the sauna and drink water while pumped for 20 mins, then go back out to do cardio and drip sweat. after cardio I would go back to the showers and pump, stay pumped in the sauna, then go back to the shower, put on my cock rings, and go back to the sauna, this time being a bit of a show off.

I would put on tights / sweats or shorts with a jockstrap. I’ve even gone to fetish gyms and had fun with like minded people (and damn near died of heat stroke in the sauna). When I was using a bulb set up I accidentally dropped the bulb and hose, and it slid underneath the next stall. The guy kneeled down and presented himself understall when he handed it back and we ended up fooling around.

TL:D R tube and a hose. you can either bend the hose to hold the vacuum, jank the hose out entirely, or install a shut-off valve mid-way in the hose to hold pressure. Keep your supplies in one of those shower bags and whatever you do, don’t drop your tube! especially if it has a lip

That’s awesome! I wish I had a local gym like that!

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