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Dam, I noticed some red dots after my first pump, when can i start again?

Dam, I noticed some red dots after my first pump, when can i start again?

Do I have to wait for the red dots to disappear before i can start pumping again?


I don’t unless they turn purple, but that’s just me.

Thanks UlcasterDropout, they are just red dots so I’m going to take your advice and go again tonight.

crashdummie, don’t get carried away with the joy of your new toy. Follow the steps in Pumping 101. You need to condition your cock to this, in a gradual way, no matter what other forms of PE you already do.



You can keep going. Just stay at your current levels and the spots will begin to disappear.


Yes, I 100% agree with you and totally understand about conditioning the penis to new stresses. It might feel good when your doing it but you pay with it, maybe not the next day, but 2-3 months later when you start to get pains. I hope all newbies really learn to not go to fast no matter how good it feels or whatever you might think; take it slow no matter what.


I am not going to go past my current hg and time limit, thanks for the advice:)

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