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Conversion collar

Conversion collar


I was on the net looking to buy a pump. The majority of pumps seem to start with a two inch cylinder. That makes me feel kind of small, I guess that the 1.75 is more appropriate.

One of the sites sell a “conversion collar”, recommended for newbies to use with the 2inch pumps as it prevents the scrutum being sucked in.
Anyone used something like this before. I searched this forum but nothing caught my eye. Maybe it goes by several names.…ion_Collar.html

Opinions much appreciated.

I’d say buy the right sized tube.
If you don’t do that and go with the bigger tube I’d save my money and:

1- Buy some pipe insulation and use that around the base of your penis to prevent your scrotum from slipping in.

2- Buy weatherstripping (like the kind they put on the bottom of doors) and install it at the base of your tube making the bottom opening a little smaller. This might be a better option as if you stick it to the bottom of the tube it won’t get sucked up in the vacuum but the insulation might.

3- use a cockring at the base of your cock. One of the stretchy ones.
Just some thoughts- I haven’t tried an of them.

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