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Canadians who ordered from LAPdist ?

Canadians who ordered from LAPdist ?

I’d like to know how long it took for your shipment to get to your doorstep ? LAPdist shipping to Canada is 3rd day shipping, but in reality have you found it to take much longer than those 3 days ? Of course it depends where you’re located in Canada. I’m near Montreal.

No experience with shipping times to Canada but do have a little knowledge about LAP. He ships stuff right out if he is home. If he is off doing a trade show it gets sent the second he gets back. This has led some guys to freak out because they sent him $ a week ago and now he isn’t even responding to emails, (off at a trade show.)

I would email LAP and ask what his experience has been shipping to Montreal as well as make sure he will be in LA and actively shipping when you order. If you don’t get a reply within 24 he probably is not home.

I am assuming that you are attempting to establish a window of safety for shipping a tube while others are away from your home?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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Good to know that. In fact I’ve contacted Charles, and he told me my tube left last Friday, and said that I should expect it on Monday—I thought Monday was perhaps too soon though. I know I picked 3rd day shipping, but I wonder if it is air or groud service ? My guess is it is air, which should be much faster than standard ground service.

My main concern although it doesn’t seem to happen that often, is to not get a cracked tube ! Of course they’d send me a brand new one, but still, it’s much better if the first one is A-ok.

To answer your question, well I’m trying to be home, otherwise I’ll have to go and get it at the local courrier facility, cause I’ll pay to pay excise tax on this package I’m 100% certain. My girlfriend is aware of my incoming shipment though :-) She knows all about me, which is great, and she seems to not mind at all the pumping thing at all—maybe it turns her on to some extent.

The cracked tube thing comes from a Thunder post from Mr so and so whose name’s slips me at the present time, but he got two cracked tubes from LAP, though they sent him free tube until it was fine. I guess they should perhaps wrap their tubes in bubble wrap to make up for mishandling during transit.

I’m in southern Ontario. I ordered just before Christmas and received it about a week later, which I thought was pretty darned quick :-)

Your cylinder I hope wasn’t cracked, right ? As far as delivery, I agree with you, it’s darn decent.

Come to think of it, what was written or printed on the package ? Was is like very discrete ?

I should add that that was by MAIL!

Ok, I thought that it was some courrier like UPS, or Purolator. By Post-Canada mail that is indeed darn fast.

No cracks. Packaging was decent, but not overly so. It was also discreet, although I didn’t pay that much attention to it (didn’t care). Was listed as either “health product” or “exercise equipment” for customs purposes. I forget which as I also ordered a Penimaster at the same time. I believe both (and most other) mfgrs. Take care not to make the contents obvious :-)

Very nice product, btw, although the rubber on the handles should be textured rather than smooth, IMO.

Thanks for your reply—I didn’t know you’d replied, cause I didn’t get any email notification as I usually do..I guess the system is not foolproof.

Best of luck in gains you’re goingto make with those two new items.

Plustwo : come to think of it, were you charged much duty on your orders ? Just out of curiosity.


Hmm, in the range of $20, I think.

Ok, that’s not too bad really, I thouht it’d be more in the range of 60 or so. Thanks for letting me know.

Well, I have a terrible memory, and we do have a new government.. (But I would have remembered a $60 hit!)

60 would indeed be hard to forget hehehe.

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