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Another positive customer service experience with LAPDist

Another positive customer service experience with LAPDist

Hey guys, I’m just writing to inform everyone that LAPDist continues to have phenomenal customer service. A few days ago I was pumping and was surprised to hear my roommate bust into the apartment! I lept up to get out of site, but in doing so my deluxe pump hit the rather hard college carpeted floor. After running into another room, I was saddened to find that the pump’s gauge had busted and would no longer register when increasing pressure!

Thinking for sure I was screwed, I called LAPDist to ask if there was any way I could fix the thing with a little technological know how. I spoke with the president of the company, who is probably one of the coolest and most down to earth businessmen I’ve met, and he informed me that for only 10.95 to cover shipping, he would replace my pump for me! I’m thrilled I don’t have to spend another $60, which I was expecting to being that this was caused by my error. So again I suggest that anyone looking for high quality equipment and customer service that exceeds expectations should invest in a LAPDist setup. Thanks!

LAP Dist. Is that LA Pump?

Yep. Found at or

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