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Bigger fore skin

Bigger fore skin

I am circ and have been pumping and jelging for about 2 weeks. I have noticed that my foreskin is also expanding. Is this odd? I have not told my wife what I am doing yet, what is your advice on this?


I am circumcised too, and I have had the same stretch and increase in my foreskin since pumping and like the results. So, it is not odd, and my opinion is that it’s definitely alright.


If it were me, I’d defintely do whatever is causing my foreskin to expand more often. I’d love to restore as much as possible since I’m circ’d too.

My experience was that there was an increase of new skin in the first couple of months. After that, though, permanent gains just moved into that new skin space and it was no longer apparent.



This is totally off-topic but…

MDC, why don’t you like being cut.

I have been planning for sometime to get my self cut down there, so knowing the problems could be nice.

Looking to be a kiwi.

The best sensations my penis gives me come from what’s left of my foreskin. I wouldn’t choose to do it for myself, but then I had no say in what was done to me as an infant.

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