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fore skin problem

fore skin problem

Hi Guys,

I have uncut penis and I have been doing PE for a while. My penis is becoming too thick for allowing my foreskin to get in and to get out. Somebody talk me that this problem is called phromosis or something like that. I read an article talking about this. Of course one solution is the circumcision but it is possible to solve the problem also by using a steroid (I suppose a cream). Does anybody know what is the name of that steroid and if it possible to get that in a drug store? Where to get more information about?

Your skin will stretch in time I think. No need to do anything.

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Or you can stretch the opening with your fingers. A steroid cream is not needed. Gentle, daily stretching should enlarge it.

Westla, do you think I could stretch my frenulum in a similar way? I figured that if the balls sack can be stretched, the frenulum could be to…. Now, I don’t know if the tissue isn’t of a different nature.

Sometimes when the sex is too dry & tight it hurts a little and causes me to ejaculate quicker. It doesn’t tear though.

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Yes, the frenulum stretching and foreskin opening (prepuce) stretching have been successfully done and posted about by fellow PEers on this site. I just finished reading a thread (yesterday I think) about the guy who stretched his frenulum on this site.

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I am also uncut and I could not really make out the first time I had sex as the foreskin was causing me trouble especially seeing that the unit had grow owing to PE work but as Westla and some other have mentioned Frenulum stretching is possible,and its something you can take you time about in the sense that it may take a few weeks or so to get it to the desire comfort levels. If I can help just hit with a message even on here and I will be of assistance where I can.

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I saw a video once of a man stretching and winding his forskin around 40cm (around a stick and stretching it) anyway your dick should be able to adapt if he can do 30+ cm you should be able to do at least 3

If you are having trouble pulling back your foreskin, it could be “phimosis.” I had this problem back in my innocent youth when I hardly beat it—thus I had a really tight foreskin that would cause me considerable pain just trying to pull it back.

Try taking a bath every night and pulling the skin back and stretching it forward, slowly but with constant force. Also try masterbating more often ;-)

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