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I’ve been doing your cycling method(or what I interpret it to be) for a week or so now. I still have some ?’s.

1. I bought a smaller tube girthwise on purpose(2 1/8) because girth is not my main focus anymore. That being said when I cycle I can get up to 15 HG or even more for 20 seconds. Is that close to what you get? If you don’t have a gauge then about how many pumps do you do to get a good pressure at peak?

2. How many sets overall do you do a day?

If you could give a thourough explaination of your cycling routine, I’d be grateful! Thanks

Hey Veg, how’s it goin’? The nice thing about my cycling technique is as you have discovered is that by using short 20 sec. cycles you can easily pump up to higher than normal pressures without a great risk of injury which will give you good lig fatigue and stretch. I really can’t put the pressures I use into numbers since I don’t have a guage. When I’m going for lig fatigue and maximum stretch I’ll pump high enough so that I can feel a real good pull on my dorsal lig and feel the stretch down the sides of the shaft as well. You have probably noticed that you feel the stretch on top before you feel it down the sides. I can’t give you a fair description of “how many pumps” as your pump may be different than mine and draws a different volume of air per pump. I do one full exercise session per day. Hot wrap for 10min., manual stretching(3-10sec. stretches in all directions) 200 wet jelqs followed by a 10 min. pump session where I hold the first 2 min. under pressure for engorgement, release preessure for 30 secs. then cycle up tp pressure for 30 secs. Following this pump cycling program will give you a total of 6 minutes under pressure per pump session. I will go back, repeat with 200 wet jelqs then follow again with a pump session. I repeat this basic program for a duration of 4 complete sets which gives me a total of 24 minutes under vacuum pressure. I also like to throw in some squezes and bends from time to time since I want to build girth before length for now, but since you are going for length I wouldn’t be afraid to use a jelq, jai, and reverse keggle stretch combo in between pump sessions, but you might want to build up to that slowly. Have you noticed that the further you get into the cycling session you find yourself applying more and more pressure to obtain that maximum stretch? That’s how it usually goes for me. Hope this helps you out Veg.

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