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Ineed9, have you used this routine?

Ineed9, have you used this routine?

I need 9, did you find the info on th blasters? Have you tried my length routine at all? If you have what do you think of it?

DLD Blasters


No, I haven’t tried the routine yet. I’ve had a cold the last few days and had to lay off PE dew to it. I’m feeling better now and plan to get back at tonight and give your routine a go then.

I got hooked up over at DLD’s free forum (UN, PW etc) and had a look around but never found the DLD Blasters. Where is that (info) thread exactly? I did briefly read something about the Blasters in the past (on this forum) but at the time it didn’t interest me because I was mainly concentrating on pumping and jelking.

Although, I’d be glad to look at anything to help with gains.
Let me know.



Okay Ineed9, I went into the members list and went to Doublelongdaddy’s posts. If you do a search in this forum for DLD BLASTERS???KEGELS??? REVERSE KEGELS???The Basics, it will provide you with a link to DLD BLASTERS…unreal length gains. Take a good look at both these threads and you will find out everything you need to know to get started with the blasters.

Thanks Thunder, b1nzen48

Thanks for the link,


I tried your routine last night minus the blasters and have to say it’s works pretty good! Now I need to bone up on the blasters to understand how the process works to put it all together into my routine.

Question though, I have been doing 3 - 15 min sets with my routine. Why do you limit the sets to less than 10- 15 mins? Does it matter with this (your) routine. Just wondering…

I certainly could use some help in the length dept. and this looks like a great start to that end!

I’ll let you know how it goes once I learn the blasters.

Looking forward to this new routine.


Ineed9… the reason I shorten my pump sets to only 5-7 minutes is to minimize fluid retention, and also because you should be using a higher pressure to maximize the stretch. The main purpose is to build on the manual part of the routine so spending long periods of time under high pressure could injure you and fluid buildup usually defeats the purpose of pumping whether it is for length or girth. You see, the purpose of the pump cycle is to help make the ligs that much more “elastic”,so when you max out in the pump it allows you to max out the manual stretches that much more, so as you progress through the complete sets you should notice that you can stretch a little further each set.


OK, I got cha now. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m just wondering what Hg you are hitting in the tube?
Since I’ve been at it for 4 months now I decided to try and hit 6 Hg for about 5 min and see If my penis would explode, but happlily It didn’t.

I’ve been a little nervous about going over 5Hg but read where many others go to 10- 15 Hg. How long have you been pumpin also?
I’m taking your recommendation on this new routine and so far it is really working out good.


Ineed9, I don’t have a guage so really, I couldn’t tell you what pressures I get up to. I go by feel so when I’m feeling the stretch all the way up the underside of my shaft and into my glans, I know I’m there, then after I grow accustom to that I bump up the pressure a bit more and this is the stretch I’ll maintain throughout the cycle, if the pressure feels like its dropping, although it is really maxing out the stretch at this point, I’ll pump up to the same feeling again. Just remember that at no time do I feel pain, if you feel pain you’ve gone too far and need to back off a bit. You should feel like you could play a bass line on you suspensory ligament, in other words, it should be stretched as tight as you can get it. You may feel a bit of a throb but that’s okay, but you don’t want to feel intense pain. Try to imagine that your ligs are a rope in a tug o war and visualize the strands of rope breaking individually under the stress. Now visualize that the strands of rope breaking are the micro tears occuring in your ligs as you stretch out more and more. It is easier to see this in you mind during the pump cycle, bur if you can do this visualization during the manual stretch cycles you will feel you penis stretching out more and more and it will mentally allow you to apply more “tug” to your stretch. I am now into my seventh month of serious pumping.

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