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First let me say your writings are succinct and motivating. The lack of hype gives credibility that led me to order a LAP pump. It arrived yesterday.

My question to you is about cylinder size. The chart at LAP’s site said for a 4 3/4” or less girth, the 1 1/2” cylinder is correct. My girth is 4.5” midshaft, a tic more at the base and about 4 1/4” at the glans.

I measured the inner diameter of the cylinder, it’s exactly 4 1/2”.
At 3hg my base and shaft fill the cylinder and the glans swells to make contact all the way around. Should I have ordered the next
size up?

BTW - my EBPL is 6 1/4”, but extends to 6 1/2 under pressure. So there is lots of grow room in the cylinder length wise.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the compliment.

You’ll like your LA pump. Price is right, for a solid instrument.

Being “on the cusp” of tube sizes is a problem when ordering a cylinder. You probably should have gone one size higher, however since you are packing the one you have you can concentrate on length now in that cylinder, and buy a larger size when you want to work on girth.

Several men here work with two cylinders, pumping up first in the narrower one, then moving to a wider one.

Don’t worry about your glans packing to the tube edges unless it totally fills the entire place and prevents vacuum creation lower down on the shaft. So long as you’re head is well-lubricated before you enter the tube, you won’t chafe your glans tissue.



thanks for your reply

I’ll order the next size cylinder in a week or two.

Any suggestions for a “2 cylinder” program would be appreciated.

My current routine is:

jelq x 100
5 minutes pump
repeat 2 more times
and finish with jelq x 100.

total=15 minutes pump and 400 jelqs.
(I’ve been jelqing for 10+- months)

You’re correct about quality. Last weekend after wondering into this forum I went out and bought a adult bookstore pump, just to get the feel and see if I liked it. A complete waste of $$. The sensation and vacuum are not even comparable to a LAP, not to mention the fact the cylinder was way too big.

Thanks again Avocet8,

You are to pumping what Bib is to hanging, DLD is to stretching and Luvadus is to jelqing.


Thanks, again. What I find fascinating about this site is that there are so many guys with so much experience in so many areas that there is hardly any aspect of PE you can’t find good info about.

Before you order a larger tube, read the info here about companies that offer tubes in smaller than .25” increments.



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