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Avocet8 and other eteran pumpers

Avocet8 and other veteran pumpers??

Thanks for the “Pumping 101” thread avocet8 , I have been inspired so much by your gains that I have bought myself a gauged pump and to give pumping a go.
Just a few questions I’d like to ask:

a) Is it ok for the glans to stick against the glass, as my penis at attention is slightly to the left and adjusting the pump to the angle is a hassle.
Would this mean the vacuum would not be able to work on parts of the glans?

b)My pump comes with a latex sleeve that wraps around the base with a smaller than girth canal to form a better vacuum, so in order to have the full length of my penis pumped, i have to literally thrust it in and press it against my pubic bone, in doing so I feel that blood flow is being constricted. What are your thoughts ? Sleeve? or No sleeve?

c)Has anybody seen results while doing kegels while pumping? Would this be dangerous as blood is forced into a maximally engorged penis?

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a) So long as your glans is well-lubricated, it doesn’t matter if it is pressing the sides of the tube. You’ll likely still have a clear channel of air movement at the area of your frenulum, on the ventral side. Also, if you want to give your glans a workout, there are a lot of manual squeezes you can use for that between pump sessions.

b) Is this sleeve on your cylinder removeable? If so and it annoys you, take it off and pump without it using some vaseline on the bottom rim to facilitate a tight seal against your pubis. I sort of doubt the latex would interfere much - no more than a condom ring does during sex. It might even act as a moderate cock ring giving you a bit more girth expansion.

c) Hold off on that until you get your cock pretty conditioned to the pumping. After that, no problem. A lot of us kegel while under vacuum.



Thanks for the reply avocet8.

I guess the latex sleeve is not cutting the blood supply off. I guess the constricting feeling could be accentuated by the natural vacuum.

Takes a while to getting used to.
You could be right about the cock ring idea. Which is of course a good thing!

I’ll try holding off the kegels for a while. It however feels so natural (and good?! ;-) ) to kegel while pumping though.

Just out of curiousity, do you or anybody else out there “finish the business” so to speak at the end of the session. There has been some theories of how that would result in less gains as there is a drop in hormone levels (I am not too sure myself).

But yeah, I am lucky enough to be able to have ‘dry-gasms’, but somehow my conscience tells me that self sacrifice [ or self-depravation :-( ] would be the way to go.
Or is this my mental conditioning taking over?
I would appreciate any comments to this topic as I have hardly come across any threads discussing this topic.


There are many old threads and posts on the subject of ejaculating after PE. Do a search and you’ll come up with some.

Most of us agree now that it makes absolutely no difference in getting gains. The only negative to doing it that I can see is that you will lose most of your temporary pumped fullness after you cum, although you will plump up again some, hours later. Because I like that fullness as my reward for a workout, I usually hold off until later in the day.

Keep in mind, too, that frequent ejaculations are beneficial to your prostate. So go for it if you want and forget self-sacrifice. :-) After all, PE is supposed to be fun.




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