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Any UK Pumpers

Any UK Pumpers

I have been visiting this forum on and for some time now, and have to say it has a wealth of useful information, with a friendly open and often witty bunch of members.

My contribution is long overdue. I started PE program back in November 2001, I bought into one of those pay sites, if only I had found this forum earlier. During this time I have gained 0.25 inch in girth and 1.75 inch in length when erect. With current erect girth of 6 inches and 7.125inch length. I have varied my routine and have now settled down to what I think suits me.

Recently I included 15 minute pump into my routine. I use one of those cheap units with a ball pump. Now I am fully packing the tube, and am looking to upsize. Based in the UK I have come across a supplier of larger tubes (
Would appreciate any feedback on this product. From the sizing charts, they recommend a 2.5inch diameter by 12 inch tube. Just imaging packing that, it would be some weapon!

My routine, usually 3 days on 1 day off, sometimes 5 on 2 off:

1) 5 minute warm wrap

2) 3 sets of 2 minutes each direction manual hand stretch (out, left, right, up, down) which takes 30 minutes total.

3) 30 minutes at 50% - 80% erect hand jelqing, gradually increasing grip pressure

4) 15 minutes pumping

5) 15 minutes light hand jelqing

6) 5 minute warm wrap

Plus At least 500 PC squeezes (Kegels) at 5 seconds, and a few at 2minutes every day.
I also take 250ml tomato juice (vitamin C) per day and drink at least 2 liters of water.

Welcome to Pumping Nirvana, iwant8. You may have to change your screen name soon.

What you are now doing is obviously working.

Seems to me that a 2.50” diameter tube is overkill for 6” girth. You might find difficulty getting a good seal and/or experience “ball sucking” - not the joy it sounds it should be. Maybe consider a 2.25” tube if they make one or check out the tubes and size chart at

(Don’t open the pic gallery. Not what you want to look like.)

Having extra length on a cylinder is not a disadvantage, though.

Nice PC program. Have you seen any sexual advantage to that yet?

Good going and glad you decided to post.



Thanks avocet8.

I have visited the site you mentioned before, but I am a little nervous of ordering from overseas because of the potential damage in transit, or Customs & Excise opening the package. Hence my inquiry for suppliers in the UK. Oh by the way Dash apparently import from the States.

Your recommendation to go with a 2.25” diameter tube fits in with my train of thought, since a 2.25” diameter will accommodate a girth of 7”, whereas a 2.5” diameter, a girth of 7.8”. The cheapo tube that I currently have is 2.125” diameter, which I fully pack. This is my dilemma do I go with what is recommended or go with what I think is best?
Before I dip into my cash reserves, I want to be sure, and welcome any other comments, particularly from anyone who has a tube from Dash.

With regard to your question on the PC exercises, I certainly am no stud but for me it helps condition and maintain a good erection. Besides you can do kegels anywhere at almost any time i.e. driving, sitting at computer, watching TV, waiting for a bus.
It is also claimed that kegels promote a healthy prostrate. I found that you just have to get into the habit, and after a while it becomes second nature. I also do 1 second PC’s during warm wrap that’s 250 in one session. From my experience having control over your PC muscle does help delay ejaculation, but I am long way off mastering the art of the male multi-orgasm.


Hey Iwant8, I’ve never ordered a tube from Dash, but for what it’s worth I personally went for the tube that was recommended for my girth, because after I began to pack I started to get a good length pull and since length was my goal not girth, I would recommend a tube that’s your girth for a good length pull, but if girth is your goal and you’re already packing I would go for the next size up, but this is just my two cents worth, Hope it helps :) !


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new2hanging thanks for the advice.

Packing update:

I finally took the plunge and ordered a tube from Dash yesterday. Spoke to a woman (that kind of threw me) we discussed sizes, and when it came to the choice of design she mentioned that some small framed men have a problem with comfort because of the extra 1” diameter for flange. I am medium framed and decided to make a cardboard template, which turned out to convince me that flange design was OK. Which also doubled up as a template for trimming up the pubic area.

It arrived this morning, impressive delivery service. When I opened the box, I was even more amazed by the size 2 1/2” by 12” it somehow seemed much larger than I was expecting, funny how you can perceive size. Shit that’s going to draw in the whole package was my immediate reaction. Anyway just had to try it out. I have to say works a treat, with a real good seal. Certainly plenty of room for growth.

Any UK pumpers considering upgrading then Dash are certainly worth considering.

Holy cow!

That’s a large tube - a whole lot of room for expansion. If you pack that one, you’ll put us all to shame!

But if the seal is good, you’re in good shape.

Let us know how you progress.



Yes it is a bit of a weapon, but surprisingly light. It could double up as one of those spaghetti jars on days off! If I did start packing maybe I could join the circus as a sideline.

Ideally I would have gone with 10” length, because they recommend 3” room for vacuum. The next size down is 9” which would only give 2”. So the 12” it was. My goal is 8” length 6 1/2” girth, but wont complain if I get to 9”. That would be the absolute maximum.

To those who did reply, thanks for the advice. I am sure there are many UK pumpers out there, maybe they are too shy to respond. Anyway I hope this quest is of use to future and current pumpers considering an upgrade.

It will probably be a couple of months before I see any permanent gains, but will report back.


I’d be interested in knowing if you encounter any dimished vacuum effect working with a cylinder as long as that, eg, will you have to work at somewhat higher pressures to get good cock expansion, or no.

“My goal is 8” length 6 1/2” girth, but wont complain if I get to 9”. That would be the absolute maximum. “


How many times have we read that last line here at Thunder’s?

First I wanted 7”, then when I got that I wanted 7.5”, then 8”, then it became “we’ll see.” But it is true that in some kinds of sex, size begins to interfere.




Yeah OK, perhaps we are never satisfied. Having said that I would not want to compromise sex. If my wife tells me that I have reached her max for pleasure then I will fall into a maintenance only program.

I am pleased with pump, I am pumping at 6Hg which is comfortable for me. I can feel a good pull but not to the extent of pain. Because of the increased diameter I am not at the moment getting any noticeable increase in length whilst in the tube, but early days yet.


I have just been viewing more of your threads, the more I read the more I like. We seem to have similar views. Reading up on your routine, and the fact that I have made a new investment, has inspired me to change my routine. As follows:

10 min warm wrap
30 min manual streach 3 x (2min each: out, left, right, up, down)
10 min hand jelq
10 min pump
10 min hand jelq
10 min pump
10 min hand jelq
10 min pump
10 min hand jelq
Total 1hr 50 min

Then straight into a hot shower, during which continue with a few gentle stretches and slaps against thigh.

Already I am devoting this amount of time, I am fortunate that I can lock myself away for a couple of hours without fear of being disturbed. This routine will be 5 days on 2 days off. Any measurements will be made on the day I start back, but before any exercising. Only time and devotion will tell if this routine gets resluts, for me.

Looks sensible to me. Good luck with it.



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