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Homemade pump - uk - new idea for vacuum pump?

Homemade pump - uk - new idea for vacuum pump?

OK, so just to clarify, the UK part of the thread name doesn’t mean it’s only for UK people, just that I’m in the UK and I know some types of equipment aren’t always as easily available (or certainly cheaply) if you’re looking to build a fully working pump.

So, last weekend I set about making one and it went surprisingly well! Here’s my setup with UK costs:

- cylinder - probably the weakest part of my setup. The shops didn’t really have what I wanted (something transparent and cylindrical in shape) so I settled for second best, one of those BPA-free plastic drinks bottles. The mouthpieces on those things tend to be large, probably around 2” in diameter. The problem? It’s blue, and i can only see through it in certain lights. To make a hole for the tube, I simply got a lighter and melted away some of the base of the bottle. This was purchased from a Field and Trek store, but again, they’re widely available

Mine looks a bit like this but is blue, and wasn’t as expensive. You’ll need to rip the lid off!…1009660&sr=1-44

Cost - £5

- pipe / hose - I went for some good old shower tubing / hose made from that rubbery material (rubber?!) rather than the metal ones. It’s about the right size for the rest of the kit. Make sure you consider the size of the hose when melting the hole in the plastic bottle. Really, you only need a very short amount of hose for the kit but you’ll probably end up with a metres worth. I saw some shower hose packs with a Y shaped split, like headphones, i guess you could use this to your advantage, the bottom of the Y goes to your cylinder and the other ends go to the pump and the gauge, if needed. You can get this from any hardware store, mine was from Robert Dyas (a B&Q style place)

Cost £7

- vacuum pump - this bit I’m particularly happy with and thought I’d struggle with most. I’m sure someone has considered this before and yes you can self suck (he he he) but if you don’t want to then I recommend this - a vacuum pump for preserving wine! The beauty of this is, not only is it also cheap, you get two valves that normally fit wine bottles, whose necks are very similar in size to shower hoses. On mine, the valve sits over one end of the hose, and you simply pump away - within 30 seconds you have a decent vacuum. These things must be readily available in all countries, the only downside is there’s no gauge.

Cost £8…36&sr=8-1-spell

- creating the seal around the cylinder and tube - I got some bondloc (adhesive sealant) and went for the plastic version of the product. It does exactly what you think it does, quickly. Within 15 minutes it had created a tight seal to ensure you have a tight vacuum when pumping. I bought this from Maplins, but many places will sell this and similar products

Cost £6

TOTAL COST - £26 maybe $40 or so, but could be done cheaper.

Anyway, it works a treat!! I’ve only used it once or twice, I plan to supplement manual stretching and jelqing with this. I’ve been out of the PE game for about five months, after making a bit of progress, so hopefully it’ll spur me onto getting back into a routine.

Hopefully someone gets some benefit from this, I know it can be frustrating wanting to build equipment but being stuck for ideas or parts - assuming you don’t want to buy a pre-made pump. If anyone wants any more info on this or a picture etc just let me know.

Aug 2015 - BPEL 7 // EG 5.125

Goal - BPEL 7.5 // EG 5.5 Progress With Pics & Stats

Interesting that vacuum wine :D

Creciendo día a día... en todos los sentidos :D

Well it worked for a while, but it wasn’t ideal in the long run. I made a second one using a different drinks bottle which gave greater visibility, but after a while the valves seemed to just let the pressure drop immediately after pumping.

I’ve been doing some pumping on and off since the first post, as part of a wider routine, but haven’t measured recently to see if I’d had any gains, something I’m planning to do before the end of 2012.

It was about a fortnight ago that the valves deteriorated so I just bought one off Ann Summers while picking up something for the missus for Christmas.…07mepuas1002006

£16 seemed a fair price, but I wish I’d seen this next one at a mere £25 - only just spotted it plus it has a gauge.

What do you think of these and the prices?

Oh well. I can only comment on the first one. I’m around 7” length BP and 5” girth, if you’re 8” length then this one is too small for you. My length goal is 7.5”so this tube is perfect for me, I just need to keep working my length until I reach the end of the tube.

In terms of girth and diameter of the tube, there’s a removable interior / base silicone sleeve which makes for an excellent and comfortable base to the pump. For my current girth, this sleeve makes it quite a tight fit plus the interior silicone has studs in the inside which leave indentations on my shaft, nothing permanent. This is stopping the girth expansion a tiny bit, but maybe aid length gains in the tube? Later I might cut the sleeve and just use the base and a few cm’s of the main body as it’s doing a great job of keeping my nutsack out of the tube and I seem to get good base girth expansion.

The other pump on there looks interesting and affordable even after delivery, but I’ll stick with what I have and work on my routine and consistency.

Aug 2015 - BPEL 7 // EG 5.125

Goal - BPEL 7.5 // EG 5.5 Progress With Pics & Stats

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