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A couple questions

A couple questions

Hello, fellow pumpers. I’ve been pumping for a couple weeks and have a couple questions to make sure I don’t waste any more time on my quest to attain more. First of all, can anyone recommend a good model of heating pad? Secondly, why don’t more people pump with a cock ring?—it seems intuitively like it would help with keeping the penis full of blood rather than lymph fluid, which would result in more gains (I think). I think a cock ring would also help in keeping it erect while in the tube (which is a problem).

In case any one want to know my routine, it’s this: warm up, pump at 4-5 hg for 8-10 minutes, do jelq/squeezes for about 10 minutes, pump at 4-5 hg for 10 minutes again, jelq/squeezes again for a few more minutes.

Thanks for any insight on the above questions.

Hello Liquidmann:

A good pad for around $10 is available from Target. I don’t knowabout the cockring issue and would like to know something also and for others to chime in about their use during and after the pump session. Looks like the start of a good string. Steve

Do not pump while wearing a cock ring.

The increased pressure from wearing the ring will cause an injury. Look at porn. Kegel. Take it out and slap it to keep it up. Don't wear a cockring while pumping!


Yeah, wouldn’t a cock ring simply increase the pressure, just as if you were pumping at higher “Hg, which is dangerous.?

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