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A couple basic Penomet questions

A couple basic Penomet questions

Hey everyone, I just bit the bullet and purchased a Penomet water pump (“extra” version). Tried it for the first time last night with questionable results.

I have a couple VERY basic questions:

1. Since the bottom of the gaiter is slanted at an angle, should the longer side be on top of the penis or under?
2. When I compress the pump against my body am I supposed to then draw it back away? Every time I tried this it just lost suction and it released from my body. I let it sit there for a few minutes and tried to compress again but there was no room for it to compress.

Sorry for the probably stupid questions but I really want this to work properly after spending $200! Plus the wife is on board with it and I don’t want to let her down!! :)


1- Use it submerged, Penomet doesn’t seal as well out of water.

2- When compressing, push relief button to side as you compress and quickly let go of it when gator bottoms out.

3- Longer side of Gator can be used top or bottom, which ever seals best for your body type.

4- Shave or trim your pubic hair very short to improve suction.

5- Don’t go more than 20 minutes or you will start getting edema where shaft meets glans (underside)

6- Use weakest Gator for 1 month, go to next for 2nd month, 3rd for third month.

7- Most importantly, don’t use it until you have conditioned your penis for 3 months. Much better to warm, stretch, jelq then move to more advanced methods. Newbie routine is more demanding than you think, try it.

Also make sure to order a vacu vin wine preserver, it fits perfectly into the valve unlike in a bathmate where you need to stretch the stopper over it. This method allows much easier workouts just be careful not to reach too high vacuum levels.


Thanks for the tip on the relief button.

So once it’s “bottomed out” (compressed) does it just stay that way or am I supposed to then pull back out away from my body?

Originally Posted by lipsaflapn

Thanks for the tip on the relief button.

So once it’s “bottomed out” (compressed) does it just stay that way or am I supposed to then pull back out away from my body?

You don’t need to pull it away, Bath mate user’s have suggested that technique to increase vacumn pressure, I had no success doing that.
To increase vacumn repeat the compress gator push valve open/closed routine. 3-4 compressions like that should be as much as it can compress Max.
Higher pressure after that requires changing to stiffer gator. Don’t rush it, the weakest gator is good for at least a month.
Took me a couple weeks to get the hang of it, you will too.

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