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$15 electric vacuum pump for anyone!

That’s interesting, sparkyx, because I starting making my second set a ‘water pumping’ set. And I have been really pleased with what happens with the water pumping set.

First I do a 15 minute set of air pumping with the electric fish pump, then I use my mouth and the hose to provide pressure for a 15 minute water pump set.

I’ve got the Harbor Freight pump, so I know I have that fluid trap somewhere. THANKS FOR THE IDEA. :jumpblue: (Will get it all figured out with the hand pump first, as you advise)

I find that I am very sensitive to vacuum forces and time. If I go over a certain amount it can begin to crash my EQ. If I go way over it, instant crash. The great thing about the water pump is mine is set at 4 in hg, so I know I won’t exceed that when water or air pumping. The problem for me when water pumping without a gauge, I can easily go too high and crash my EQ, so this prevents it.

Just practice with the hand pump and fluid trap first so you see how you have to position everything to prevent water getting past it. Once you have that down, then move to the electric. I think you may end up doing all water pumping, really I think its more “bang for the buck”.

I was just reviewing some previous notes of mine and I found with water, 5 in hg for 10 minutes was a baseline. I could use either 5 or 6 in hg for a baseline at 10 minutes, and it would allow me to recover from over training. However, what really surprised me was that my EQ would at first improve at that level, then slowly drop. At first I thought it was over training but when I took time off, it dropped further. What I found was that if I bumped it up to 7 or 8 for a minute or two out of that 10 minute time, EQ would jump back up! So, my discovery was that my EQ had been dropping from UNDER stimulation!

So what I found was 5-6 was a recovery mode, 7-8 was stimulation mode. 7-8 too long crashed EQ and time off would return it. Time off or “active recovery” time at 5-6 in hg. So I found if I cycled from 5-6 in hg for 10 minutes, and when EQ started to drop, to add in a minute or two of 7-8…I was cycling at fairly high EQ. Problem was my skin couldn’t take it and was getting too many capillary ruptures and stress eczema was kicking in. PLUS, I think I wasn’t seeing any gains.

So, I have dropped down to lower vacuum levels and longer time. It seems 4 in hg seems to be doing better for me, but still experimenting on time and frequency. I might try throwing in 6 in hg for 2-4 30 second cycles to see. I do think that you have to be careful with higher vacuum levels because what happens is at first you see gains, but then they stop and you are stuck there. I do think its probably better for long term slow steady gains if you can keep it lower vacuum and just keep at it.

Anyway, thought I would share that.

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Very interesting, sparkyx, especially your results with EQ when going to higher pressure for a minute or so during your sets. Are you doing a progress report these days? I would be interested to hear what your current workout is looking like (total time, set time, frequency)

Nah, I used to, but it was too time consuming to report all the crap I try and consider. I figure if I ever get something that works great, I will present it in an organized manner. If you try and follow my daily thoughts and constant changes to my routines, you will get bored out of your skull! :)

In the mean time, I think slow and steady with keeping EQ good to great is a good guideline.

This conversion was easy, working great. Thanks for the info!!!


Very interesting post I am looking to automate a pump for use whilst sleeping (hopefully).

I need an electrically generated vacuum, a timer, and a power supply

The electric vacuum can either be an inverted pump or a vacuum device (hand held vacuum cleaner). The electronic timer can either be bought separately or a usb device can connect the electric vacuum to the computer. The power supply is what drives the electric pump (batteries or 3/2 pin wall plug)

Could you guys help me out with this?


I would advise against pumping while asleep unless you are using very low vacuum (less than 3” Hg) - however I have looked into automatic valves and they are too expensive for me. My entire routine lasts only 10-15 minutes twice a day so I don’t mind the manual aspect. Sorry I cannot be of more help.


I would advise against pumping while asleep unless you are using very low vacuum (less than 3” Hg) - however I have looked into automatic valves and they are too expensive for me. My entire routine lasts only 10-15 minutes twice a day so I don’t mind the manual aspect. Sorry I cannot be of more help.


Just want to drop in a give an update. I have been getting really good results with using 5 in hg. I started at about 10 minutes, and added 1 minute every week or so. I am currently up to 17 minutes daily. I found that daily pumping works best for me, and finding a vacuum and time level that allows you to pump daily and not crash your EQ is the key.

With vacuum forces under or over 5 in hg I didn’t get any gains, while 5 seems just right, at least for now. I found that just slowly adding time has been the key.

I almost exclusively use my electric, and it makes it SOOOOO easy to maintain a constant pressure. Don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but I am water pumping with the electric. I advise NOT to do this until you have mastered using a hand pump and over flow cup first to make sure you are expert at NOT getting water past the cup. If it gets into the hand pump, it can ruin it, if it gets into your ELECTRIC pump….well, I don’t want to find out what will happen.

The cup method is very safe once you get the hang of it, and I find electric water pumping is really promising for me, as I have increased my LUV (length under vacuum) about 1/4 inch in the past 2 months, which for an old Vet like me is very good.

Good luck and good gaining!

Thanks for the update Sparkyx. I suspect the water is allowing you higher vacuums. Whenever I went over about 3” I would have problems - maybe I should try water…

I bought this…984.m1439.l2649
and this…984.m1439.l2649

That pump is adjustable and on full throttle it produces 5.5 hg vacum, so i can start from low vacum level. It’s brilliant. I also bought this…=item35b4096f61 had to mod a little bit to but the vacum tube on top bleeder hole and seal tho the trhead .
The container is small but i put one valve between the tube and the container, and another between container and vacum gauge and pump so i can empty the bottle without losing vacum

Oh my god! After reading this thread, I went out and bought my little Whisper 40 at Wal-Mart here in Canada (cost me $38 with taxes.. arrrrr).

And after reading Sparky’s set-up, I went out and got the silicon tubing and a drip irrigation type of valve (it’s a cheap one I bought but it does the trick). Without the valve, my Whisper does exactly 5hg force. But I used the valve and lowered it down to 4hg. I feel like 5hg is a bit too much for 20 min session.

I just did my first session with my Whisper and it was TOTALLY RELAXING! I no longer have to keep caliberating pressure and the hands-free pump allows me to browse porn and stay horny for the most of the time! I am so loving it! The best part of this? I don’t have to worry about a proper set up for a good seal because the pump continues to suck anyway! So no more hassle….

And the 2nd best part of this set up is that I can really measure my progress because I can now control the force variable. Before I was doing a range of force due to leakage.

This is so worth it!

THANK YOU SPARKY! (he recommended me to read this thread)

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Thanks for the succession works great.

This morning I connected the pump to the reservoir cup from my brake bleed kit and water pumped. I forgot to grab my hand pump to check pressure, but I could tell it wasn’t pulling heavy vacuum. Maybe 3hg. Even still it worked great.

When I water pump I like to use at least 5hg, if not more, so next time I’ll check pressure to see where I’m at.


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