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1. experience / 2. theory, maybe just common sense

1. experience / 2. theory, maybe just common sense

1. During my sessions I have experienced that when you get in the tube with a real good erection mostly after some jelquing with good girth exercises (most of them not for newbies) like the ones used by clawhammer before pumping you can get the best results. The bigger and the most engorged you get in the tube the better.


2. I have had this in mind for a long time. I think that the way we feel has a strong effect in our penis.

When we are in a good mood the workouts are better and we hang bigger, not only because of the PE session but ´cause of our “good mood”.
On the contrary, when we are depressed the penis is “depressed”.

I am the kind of person who sometimes feel like the king of the world and the next morning feels like a piece of shit. My moods change radically. That has had a negative effect in PE, because I am not constant of course. The truth is I get better results when I am in a good mood, happy.
When I do not feel OK pe is kind of useless and on some sad days I feel I´ve lost the results of the “good” days.

If we could only control our brains and emotions…we would not be human beings I guess…

I would agree, the same thing happens to me. It also happens in my weight lifting as well. Basically if I can not get into the mind frame that I am going to throw the weights around I will end up struggling through my workout mentally and physically. I believe the mind and body have to be in tune for say PE or weight training. Seeing is believing to me so if I do see my penis as big then I will get down, but if I am in good spirits and feeling good I can see that I have a big penis and it gives me the motivation to make it grow. I do not knwo why we have such a hard time just seeing things good all the time though. I think its becoming a problem for males in this country. I just notice alot of guys having more mental and emotional problems now. I am one of them. Its like alot of us our struggling with our masculinty, which I just recently saw a video documentary talking about how we are raised now and even down to the toys our children play with. For instance, look at a GI joe toy from the 60’s, then look at one from the 90’s. In the video they noted an overall increase in the figure size and development. I saw that and really saw how we are raised to be these big powerful guys and thats what women want or society wants. Its a mind fuck…sorry for the rant but I am seeing the connection now more then ever.

Hey, that´s a global trend, it happens everywhere. Let me give you some advice regarding society and it´s rules: Fuck them, do what makes you happy. If you like the gym go ahead, if not just quit, maybe you like some other sport and you are missing it because of the gym. My point is that we have to try to be free. Take care man.


Free??? I am in the Navy…lol

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