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Wrapping problems

Wrapping problems

Hey everyone,

New round here just getting use to things, I tried posting this in the hangers forum but it would’nt let me so had to post here.

Just got a vacu - hanger about a week or so ago and I am having loads of trouble getting a comfortable wrap that doesn’t slip all the time. I have tried using the hanger with out any wrapping but it is quite painful and I get a build up of fluid under the head which disappeared after a hour or so.

As I am uncut I try to make sure that I do not have any of the skin in the vaccum because I got enough extra skin as it is. So I retract the skin as far back I as I can and wrap a bandage (which is quite elasticky) around the head and primarily just under my head as that is where I feel most uncomfortable. I try to get as much air out of the vaccum as I can but it never fails to slip out or partially slip which makes it very uncomfortable inside the hanger.

Could someone who also uses the vacu - hanger or has great knowledge on hanging please help me out and give me some suggestions on what you use and how you wrap?


Not a vacu-hanger user, however you may want to search ‘HTW wrap’ or somesuch. It is a keen wrapping setup and I think works for anything.


HaHa am afraid so. Thanks for the tip and goodluck PE’ing.

I don’t use the Vacu, but I know that wrapping is the most detailed part of hanging. It took me about 3 months to find a technique and combination of different fabrics that I liked, that I could hang well with. Then It would change every once in a while, as I changed my hanging habits. Wrapping is the most difficult and important part of hanging. Stick with it. Experiment and try different ways of wrapping with all sorts of material until you find something you like and that works.

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