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Will Heat eliminate moisture from vacuum hanging?...

Will Heat eliminate moisture from vacuum hanging?...

If an outside source of heat to match the body temperature was introduced into the unit of a “vacuum-type” hanger, would this reduce moisture/lymph build up?

Lets say you have an infrared heat unit that perfectly matched your penis temp. If this device was wrapped around a hanger it would prevent less condensate.

Will this slow blisters, lymph, moisture?
I know pressure influences blisters quite a bit, but…

Could this be the ULTIMATE HANGER?


I usually have a heater near by when I hang and anytime my penis gets cold I use the heater to warm my penis. I think the heat does help with blood flow and keeping fluid build-up to a minimum.

Now just imagine…

A heating coil element, that is cast into the plastic tube of a vacuum hanger. bada-bing.

I would hate for an electrical malfunction to happen. Might also be cumbersome to have a s-hook and a plug on the end of a hanger.

If you are still hanging and still attached

I would think that this would be a faux beneficial heat and would just mask the coldness factor that could pose as a warning sign to detach before it’s too late (if you are hanging and it’s cold already). When I used heating and vacuum awhile back it sped up packing and caused more “fog” inside the tube.

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