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Why not hang from glans?

Why not hang from glans?

I tried searching everywhere but couldn’t find an answer for this. Sorry if this has been asked 100 times before. I’ve been doing girth exercises for a while now and I’m trying to incorporate some stretching/hanging into my routine. I’m just wondering why we have to hang from an half inch above our glans and not just behind them. I notice that my skin stretches when I hang a half inch behind the glans but if I hang directly behind the glans it’s much more comfortable and puts all the weight on the ligs.

So is hanging from directly behind the glans bad? If so why?


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Well, you can’t hang from your testicles because it hurts.

But maybe you was meaning ‘glans’. The reason is that is believed to be dangerous due to the risk of nerve damage.

So said, I don’t think it’s so dangerous, and I’ve done it without any nerve damage; I also have used an extender that exerts a lot of pressure right under the glans; my personal opinion is that is less dangerous than some other kind of hangers - an improper use of the Bib’ could be more risky, in example.

But, since most of vets (and with more experience than I have) believe it’s dangerous, don’t do it.

It’s called the “glans.”



Marinera makes a true, yet brave statement. Really, if your using a swimcap, or constriction sleeve, your basically hanging from the glans. Same goes for vac hanging.

Squeezing the hell out of your penis with a hanging device can’t be much more dangerous. Common sense, and observation of what your glans and dick look like while in your contraption are more important.

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I changed your thread title, so people will get your message better. Where appropriate I swapped glans for glands in your post too.

I get the feeling you’ll remember now. :wave:

hopeful, I think you may be mostly right about that.

I do think that vac-based devices spread the load a little more than that, but nonetheless there is still a fair amount of stress on the glans with these devices. Good call.

I think the vac-based stuff is best for loads of up to 10 lbs.

For more weight I’d use a Redi-Stretcher, and for real heavy hanging a Bib.

For higher weight a shaft-clamping devices seems to be best.

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Oops sorry. I meant “glands”. I won’t forget in the future. Thanks for the info guys.

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