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Which way is faster in getting gains: hanging or hanging and jelqing?

Which way is faster in getting gains: hanging or hanging and jelqing?

I was reading lil12big1 thread on Jelqing - Helping or hindering gains??

It’s been a year since the last discussion about this topic and there are newer members here. Have people who hang alone receive faster length gains than those who hang and jelq? Can you post your gains if you solely hang or do a combination of the two?

I can not say any gains but i have gained on each of them alone. About 1/2” on jelqing and then 1/2 inch on hanging. I also would like to hear some results from both. I am really curious because Im sure hanging stretches everything but does it give that stimulation needed that a jelq gives where blood is forced in the tissue and makes it bigger that way. My way of thinking is that the innertissues need to be stretched along with the chambers holding the blood. I think one can hold up the other. If no one does post on this, I will be by mid summer on what combining the two can do because I will have a little more free time on my hands.

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I’m currently doing 2 hours of hanging. Do you think I should finish it off with 10 minutes of jelqing? Or is that too little?


You should do ten minutes of light jelqing anyway to restore full circulation.


Bib, when you say “light” do you mean light pressure or light erection level, or both perhaps?

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Both I guess. I would use about a 50% erection and did not go too hard.

Really, this was just to get everything going before putting it up for the day.


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