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Jelqing - Helping or hindering gains??


Jelqing - Helping or hindering gains??

Does jelqing help or hinder gains for guys who hang and/or stretch?

If we work on the premise that it’s easier to stretch something that’s thinner rather than thicker, then wouldn’t jelqing be the wrong thing to do to achieve optimum gains? If jelqing strengthens and enhances the vascularity of the penis, wouldn’t that consequently make it more difficult to achieve gains through stretching and hanging?

lil1 :lep:

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Hey lil,

I guess I was wrong. I figured guys would be jumping all over this thread with ideas and comments. I’ll blame it on the fact that you didn’t post the idea in an inflammatory way. Perhaps the second shift will have something to say.

I think you may be correct in your thinking, besides the strengthening of the “body” of your penis, it may actually strengthen your ligs to a certain degree also. Make that next limiting factor a little harder to overcome because of the continuous/same amount of stress being applied with jelqing.

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No way. Hanging stretches the ligs not the entire shaft of the penis which jelqing works. Jelqing is for health of the overall penis anyway. Jelqing has not really given me any gains in girth anyway. Not gaining girth in order to hang and stretch better seems really far fetched.


I'm with Thunder...

The topic of combo hanging and jelqing routines is very interesting to me. In the (hopefully) near future I’ll be moving somewhere where I’ll have more privacy for PE and I can get that final 1/2 inch in length and as much girth as possible.

As a newbie hanger, I want to throw something else out there for you guys to chew on. Hopefully this thread will get more replies.

Say I’m hanging a total of 5 days a week, with two days of not hanging. Have others found it counter-productive to jelq on the non-hanging days? Since I’m not really hard on the ligs when I jelq and squeeze I don’t think it would have a negative impact as far as letting those tissues recover. I want to try a cycle like this:

Day 1: hang 20 min x 3, 30 min jelq/squeeze
Day 2: 30 min jelq/squeeze
Day 3: hang 20 min x 3
Day 4: 30 min jelq/squeeze
Day 5: hang 20 min x 3, 30 min jelq/squeeze
Day 6: no PE

That’s heavy weights 1 on, 1 off, and jelqing 2 on, 1 off. Gives a total rest day every 6 days, and only 2 days where I’m spending more than an hour doing PE.

Hanging and jelquing

THis is now also very timely for me.

I wanted to do both, say hang in the evening, and get up 1/2 hour earlier— (I can effectively do this now by getting up at the “same time” lil1 because of time saved with the new F5 road to the Sydney SW suburbs where I work).

BUT with all that “blood thing” happening for me due to incorrect wrapping last year, I had one terrible morning where I jelqued one morning after hanging at night and spots of blood landed on (the plastic I had put down) on the floor underneath my dick—— , I could never do this.

“Quelle horreur!!!!” I didn’t tell anyone about that, just skulked downstairs holding it with a paper towell and hoped that it would stop—- which it did straight away.

But thanks to Bib’s recent wrapping diagrams I can jelq immediately after hanging some phenomenal poundages, with NO BLOOD.

(One of the dangers of using a spring balance as I do is that you hang by “feel” rather than strict number of Kg— pounds etc. I was at 40 lbs the other day, and NO BLOOD— but a bit of discolouration on the glans).

What a difference proper wrapping has made.

On your strict question, LIL1— I reckon that with hanging pullng the inner ligaments, and jelquing a deep pumping action on the external dick, that providing you haven’t damaged yourself from one or the other, then they (should be????) complimentary.

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Now listen here you sedentary bunch of willy wankers!:flame: Was that inflamatory enough! :chuckle:
Hanging doesn’t only stretch the ligs - tunica, cc, the whole box and dice are affected by the weight. While you, personally, may not have seen girth gains from jelqing many, many others do report gains in this area.

My point is that jelq promotes overall penile health which is good, but …. wouldn’t it be easier to stretch a weak member rather than a healthy strong one? Could this also be yet another reason why our first gains are the fastest?

You’re hanging 40lbs off your willy! OMG :eek2: Are you in training for the gay games? Please don’t tell me you’re going to enter the clean and jerk - I’ll never look at that event in the same light again! :chuckle:
Do you think that if your penis wasn’t so healthy and strong you would need so much weight to achieve results?
lil1 :lep:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

That's a BIG fire, man!

I saw this thread a few times and was going to reply, but didn’t largely because of a few reasons. My attempts at hanging ended quite sometime ago do to the inability to hit my ligs at any weight, position, or time. As far as the effectiveness of hanging being greater by not jelqing, that’s likely one to sus out with Bib if you can find the thread. I believe he’s the one who mentioned that concept of thinner being easier to stretch than thicker. Another possiblity is that the difference may be minimal. If we assume (and it’s just assumption here) that the tunica is being stretched to allow greater internal volume, the actual tissue within may not have to get that much stronger. Considering the “mechanics” of and erection, the blood holding spaces may already have the potential to expand to a much greater capacity than necessary to produce an erection. They may not need to change that much structurally to hold more blood. Considering how tough ones ligs can be, I just can’t see jelqing as doing much to strengthen ligs and make the process more difficult. Then again, I believe we are also all a bit different in just how and where these ligs do attach and the effects of different stresses on them. Real question here is whether stretching the tunica makes it a great deal stronger? One can make argument either way…heals stronger or get progressively thinner. I always thought hanging was more a lig thing if you can hit ‘em with it, but if you can stretch your dick with it, more power to ya! As said above, you might want to place yourself somewhere in the middle of this stuff to sort it out. I’m a very stodgy gainer in L and even less in girth. Bib can likely put one over the fence with his and make it home. At the level of gain he speaks of in terms of G, it may very well make a difference in stretchabilty when hanging. If you gain G fast, you may be better off hanging first and focusing on G later on. If nothing else, you’ll have more dick to do a uli on…room for a running start, if you will:) groa


Nope, that is incorrect. Hanging does not stretch the whole “box and dice” etc. The hanger, which is several inches long, goes over the flaccid shaft and only the last inch or so, if that, is being stretched (unless you are really long and using a starter hanger closer to the head). Or if you use a loop hanger attached to the head. Perhaps the theory may be more valid, maybe, if you are talking about just manually stretching, or like I say a loop hanger at the head stretching the entire shaft.

So my point still stands that jelqing works more of the entire shaft and hanging works on the ligs. I don’t believe jelqing will strengthen the ligs enough to make it more resistant to hanging. Besides, one needs to restore circulation and maintain good penis health. Many many guys here have gotten very little gains with jelqing (thus the reason for development of ulies and squeezes for more internal pressure), but true others have.

As for a routine, guys, why not just jelq between hanging a little and then at night do your ulies and squeezes if you have the time to separate the workouts? Do this as many days as needed (until your ligs are fatigued) and then take a day off or just work on girth by doing ulies or wrapping the days you are not hanging.


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2+ year veteran

We are all different. My package, both ligs and tunica, are very resistant and tough. Although we have never discussed routines, mine is exactly the same as Dance’s. Jelqing did little for me. The Bib Hanger gave me slow but steady increases in length but little in girth. I prefer the totally in and “grind the clit” screwing (when I get it), so my emphasis is on girth right now with steady but limited hanging. I remain consistant and in for the long hall. I had an initial injury (thrombosed vein) so I take it slow and easy. I am very skeptical of some of the gains I read about relative to the time it took. I too have had temporary gains that blow my mind—but they are not lasting. Bit by bit though the increases do come.

I was amazed to see one of the links on site that definatively states that “most” men average much less than 6 inches length and less than 5” girth. I really thought the average was more.


What do u mean by this

I too have had temporary gains that blow my mind—but they are not lasting.

especially this “but they are not lasting”

HANDYMAN RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are really temporary if you don’t cement them by continuing PE! As long as you continue they are fine! Think of it as a matience on your car. You change the oil? Why to keep it in tip top shape. Even if you store the car and not drive it you still change the oil!

So, you’ll get results and then go to either a mantience routine which is much lighter or continue looking for MORE!

It will not disappear over night. Supposedly somone on one of the forums did no PE for like a super long time and lost on 1/8 an inch! Calm down! Don’t hang yourself! TT


Hanging did stretch and grow the whole package for me. While the hangers did attach to the shaft, it was not just the anterior portion of the hanger which took all the weight. In fact, at higher weights, the shaft on either side of the head took most of the weight.

Being that my shaft narrowed toward the head, and therefore that area was not as strong, it always seemed to be the first to fatigue. I concluded this fatigue did not generally come from hanger pressure, but rather actual stretch fatigue. I continually sought methods of putting LESS stress on this area and more on the shaft toward the base. The larger hanger was the best I could do.

I have estimated before that half or more of my gains came from the tunica stretch. Most if not all from hanging.



I hoped to do a similar routine to what you are suggesting (jelq on non hang days) but I could not do a proper jelqing session the day before hanging because there was still some ‘pump’ which made it very difficult to stop the hanger from slipping. If you took your two days off in a row you could try jelqing on the first day or on the night before your first rest day. It really depends on how long you stay pumped.

I still jelq between sets, and if I do quite a lot of hanging the total jelqing time can be high, like 45-60 mins, but no pump, suggesting shorter but frequent jelqing ‘sets’ throughout the day can give circulation benefits without a nasty pump which would interfere with the duties of mr hanger.

Bib you say,

“I continually sought methods of putting LESS stress on this area and more on the shaft toward the base. The larger hanger was the best I could do.”

So then you are referring to previous hanging models when you say you had tunica stretch from hanging right? Or do you still feel that way about the bigger also? It seems that your design has done exactly what you set out to do and that is, “putting LESS stress on this area and more on the shaft toward the base.” I notice you capitolize “Less” implying that there is still some stress. Most of us are using the bigger hanger which you developed, and my responce was based on that and my experience. My penis when pulled and wrapped is almost completely covered by the hanger. A little before the head and between my body and the hanger is all that is left uncovered. So if that is the case and my penis is flaccid and compressed by the hanger, then how is it possible to stretch the tunica? I feel no pressure whatsoever on the tunica, or upper shaft. The only feeling I get is in the ligs because of the effectiveness of the hanger. I guess if the hanger did attach in some way to the upper shaft and assist in the hanging I could see the point, but the way it worked for me was all the pressure was at the base. In fact I thought we always wanted to avoid that pressure in the upper shaft. I never could get it to dig in or create any tension in that area (except when I wrapped wrong and you corrected me by telling me not to have any wrap between the hanger and the head. The skin of the shaft goes over the head and you said that is ok and natural so where is this stress of the tunica?


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I always wanted the hanger to work the way you describe (upper part sort of digging in and attaching below the head or resting on the ridge. I always thought that was the way it was supposed to work based on an old description. So it sound as if I missed out on some gains. However, for a long time I asked you why it would not work this way and then come to the conclusion that I must have misunderstood your previous description. If it worked that way with me then I can see your point. However, like I say it just compressed the whole skin of the shaft and as I hung the the skin moved forward even over the head and all the pressure was on the base. In our previous conversations, and some you had with others, you said this was normal and fine, but now it sounds as if you are saying not optimal.


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