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Which method to follow

Which method to follow

I’ve been doing some research on hanging and I’ve noticed some discrepancies between the approach recommended by ‘hanging 101’ and Tom Hubbard’s approach. While the times utilized by each approach are only slightly different, the primary difference is in the weight to be used. ‘Hanging 101’ has one starting with more weight and making larger jumps in the weight, while Tom Hubbard takes a more conservative approach. What approach would you guys recommend for someone who was about to start hanging?


I have never hanged myself, but the more logical choice would be to take the conservative approach. Why go all out if your new to it and risk injuring something? Go a little at a time and see how it feels and build your way up.

A general recommendation would be to start at 3 or 5 pounds and increase a pound or two per week as dictated by induced fatigue. Shortly, following your introduction to the art, you will be quite able to decide for yourself what weight to hang and for how long. In fact, this ability is absolutely necessary.

I started at 1.5kgs using a similar device to Tom Hubbards AFB hanger, and you will be able to tell when your ready to move up. I’m now at 2.5kgs, and it’s feeling fine, so I might move up to 3kgs next week.

But I would say be cautious, you won’t ever regret doing to little, then doing too much.

Instead of increasing the weight, it’s better to increase the time or sessions.

Starting Aug/06: BPEL 5.5", EG 4.3"

05/Feb/2007: BPEL 6.3", NBPEL 5.7", EG 4.9"

I started 12 month’s ago with 2.5lbs when I noticed no more gains at that weight I increased the weight to 5lb then to 7.5lb and just now started at 10lbs I have gained 1.25 inches and growing

Originally Posted by meiya777
Instead of increasing the weight, it’s better to increase the time or sessions.

The point is to slowly increase the stress you’re putting on your unit. I would go with the minimal possible time/weight that gets gains.

Remember to warm up and use a traction wrap or ADS with your hanging: in my experience it makes your workouts several times more effective.


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